Uncharted: Fight For Fortune review


A card game set in the Uncharted universe makes a strange kind of sense: when not gunning down henchmen by the hundred, the loveably homicidal Nathan Drake strikes you as someone who likely uses his ill-gotten gains to pay off poker debts. And Drake would likely appreciate the violence of Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, where murder is a win condition.

From a deck comprising hero, villain and mercenary characters, players take it in turns to place a single card in one of five slots, before handing it a treasure to hold and bolstering it with resources. How much of the latter you can afford is based on the fortunes you store: attacks from a rival’s card played opposite can cost you the loot, but if you hang on you’ll earn its full value on the next turn rather than a lower amount for immediately banking it. Place a card opposite an empty slot, meanwhile, and it’ll damage your opponent directly.

Most cards carry a bonus, such as the chance to attack a card in any position, while certain adjacent combinations boost offensive or defensive powers. There’s tactical depth, then, but it’s squandered on a game that doesn’t understand the importance of balance. Those with a completed Golden Abyss save can instantly boost the value of fortune cards, and there’s a distinct advantage to going first. Then again, given Drake’s propensity for getting himself into unfair fights, perhaps it was unwise to expect a level playing field.