Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? review

Wimp bubble

If you only buy one physics puzzler starring a sentient gelatinous being this year, make it Drinkbox Studios’ Mutant Blobs Attack. If, however, you have room in your life for another – or you don’t own a Vita – then Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? is a more than capable substitute.

Developer Flexile Studio understands that first impressions are important on iOS, and sensibly gets things moving with the minimum of fuss. Narrative motivation is handled with a screen of static comic book panels, and there are no tutorials. Instead, new ideas are efficiently introduced via simple diagrams in thought bubbles you’ll occasionally pass by.

Grabbing your Y-fronts and reaching the exit is often easy enough; locating and obtaining three hidden toilet rolls is where the long-term challenge lies. While many puzzles involve little more than tugging boxes into position – to trigger switches, weigh down platforms or provide a safe route across pools of acid – they’re inventively and often intricately constructed. Meanwhile, several conundrums requiring smart use of new powers or momentum-based solutions are downright ingenious, including a trio of boss fights.

Though generous with its ideas, Flexile can’t quite make them stretch across 60 levels, and while the controls are as good as virtual buttons can be, some challenges are too fiddly to be fun, with a curious fussiness when it comes to triggering your blob’s powers. Even so, this is a bright and attractive puzzler that is, thankfully, far smarter than its title would suggest.