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Xbox One is languishing behind PS4 – what can Microsoft do to put the Xbox brand back on top?


The party, if there was one at all, was shortlived. News that UK sales of Xbox One had surged 96 per cent in the week of Titanfall’s release, with seven out of every ten consoles sold alongside Respawn’s multiplayer shooter, should have set champagne corks popping in Microsoft’s Redmond HQ. Any suggestion that this was… Continue reading

Monaco closes in on a million downloads as work begins on Pocketwatch’s next project, Armada

Monaco Characters

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine has been downloaded over 750,000 times since its release in April 2013, with developer Pocketwatch Games confident it’ll break the one million downloads barrier later this year. The studio told us that Monaco had exceeded all sales expectations, though its protracted development left its creators feeling that they had not… Continue reading

Xbox, catch up: Microsoft’s UK price cut and Titanfall bundle intensifies the battle with PS4


Microsoft stepped up its efforts to outdo Sony’s PS4 today by slicing £30 off the UK price and announcing a Titanfall bundle, offering Respawn’s debut shooter for free with the console for a limited time. It’s a timely shot in the arm for the platform, Microsoft apparently acknowledging that it has some work to do… Continue reading

Launching PS4: one year behind the scenes at PlayStation UK, from reveal to release


One year ago today at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York, the platform holder went public with its plans to release PS4 in time for holiday 2013. We saw the new DualShock 4 pad, next-gen games and a vision: Sony pitched the new hardware as the videogame console built by game developers and laser-targeted at… Continue reading

Confident Sony revels in PS4’s lead over Xbox One – but Vita must turn goodwill into sales

PS4 and Vita

PlayStation Vita is loved by many, but owned by relatively few. While 3DS is a very different proposition, the fact remains that in the handheld space it has outsold Sony’s handheld significantly, and with almost nonchalant ease. So this morning’s PlayStation Breakfast Briefing was an attempt to enliven Vita’s fortunes a little. While the announcements… Continue reading

Don’t Starve breaks one million players as Klei looks to Vita, iOS and new projects

Don't Starve

Don’t Starve: Console Edition’s appearance on PS Plus this month pushed the game far beyond the one million players mark, says developer Klei. The studio hopes that the game’s appearance on PS4 as a free download will encourage greater sales of the forthcoming DLC, Reign Of Giants, and it will also explore the possibility of… Continue reading

PS4 vs Xbox One: why Sony has taken the lead, and how Microsoft can catch up


4.2 million plays 3 million in the face off between PS4 and Xbox One. The global sales figures, accurate as of the end of 2013 and confirmed recently by each platform holder, could fit neatly into several different narratives. Some might attribute Sony’s lead to Microsoft’s pre-launch blundering or PlayStation’s effective targeting of dedicated players,… Continue reading

Xbox One and PS4 sell millions, forget some of their promises and introduce quiet revolutions

Xb PS4

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both sold over a million units in their first 24 hours on sale. Sony was quick to announce even higher figures following the second of PlayStation 4’s staggered launch dates, thanking players for the console’s 2.1 million sales across 32 markets. Some 250,000 PS4s were sold within 48 hours of its UK launch,… Continue reading