Mario Golf: World Tour review

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at 03:00pm April 24 2014
Mario Golf World Tour

The first Mario Golf game in a decade has no idea what it wants to be. The good walk spoiled has always been Mario’s safest sporting home, a place for Nintendo and its trusted caddy Camelot to play with the boundaries of both reality and its own fictions. NES Open Tournament stripped golf back to…

Nintendo Pocket Football Club review

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at 03:11pm April 23 2014
Nintendo Pocket Football Club

So, a football management sim from Nintendo, from which we might reasonably expect joy, irreverence, and a stripped-down list of activities which retain and enhance the core joys of telling men how best to kick a ball at a goal. Initially things seem promising. Specifically, they look promising. The tappable map of visitable locations is a…

Yoshi’s New Island review

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at 03:00pm March 13 2014
Yoshi's New Island review

So this is what wiped out the dinosaurs. Oh, we’re sure Nintendo won’t be sending Mario’s helium-voiced steeds to the glue factory just yet, but Yoshi’s New Island represents an extinction-level event for the spirit of a classic. It’s pitched as a sequel to 1995’s Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, a platformer with the…

Weapon Shop De Omasse review

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at 04:15pm March 12 2014
Weapon Shop De Omasse review

The belated fourth release from Level-5’s Guild01 compendium posits the idea that the real heroes of role-playing games are not those who explore dungeons and slay monsters, but who carefully craft the weapons these adventurers wield. Weapon Shop De Omasse casts you as an enthusiastic blacksmith’s apprentice tasked with forging blades, spears and axes according…

Why Kirby: Triple Deluxe has Japan tickled pink

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at 10:54am February 26 2014
Kirby- Triple Deluxe

The pioneers of 3D cinema revelled in the form’s novelty, keenly demonstrating its possibilities by bombarding audiences with objects that appeared to fly out of the screen. HAL Laboratory’s mascot is a late arrival to 3DS, and it shows: the developer uses similar tricks with unrestrained glee, as if it has only just discovered autostereoscopy.…

Amazon UK on the next-gen race, Nintendo’s plight, microconsole rumours and ‘accidental’ leaks

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at 04:00pm February 3 2014
Amazon announces $199 Kindle Fire tablet

If you’re looking to check the pulse of the videogame market, ask the world’s largest online storefront. Amazon’s power in the retail world isn’t matched by its presence in the media, though, and for years it has been quite deliberate in keeping a low profile in the press. That’s changing. At Amazon’s Summer Wish List…

State of Play 2013: Embattled Nintendo endures a difficult year, despite critical acclaim

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at 04:30pm December 18 2013

On the face of it, 2013 would appear to have been something of an annus horribilis for Nintendo – at least in terms of its home console business. Its forecast for 9 million Wii U sales for the fiscal year now looks hopelessly optimistic: with less than four months to go it has currently sold…

Bravely Default review

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at 04:43pm December 3 2013
Bravely Default

That Square Enix should choose to release a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy spinoff The 4 Heroes Of Light with a title as unwieldy as Bravely Default says much for how far the publisher’s biggest star has fallen. Presumably the intent was to avoid this new JRPG – from 3D Dot Game Heroes creator Silicon…

Zelda and Tearaway show that new hardware is an investment, not an impulse buy

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at 10:30am November 25 2013
A Link Between Worlds art

As the new generation of hardware landed Stateside this month, I heard as much post-release grumbling as pre-release hype. “The software line-ups are too similar; there’s no differentiator”. “It’s best to wait”. “They aren’t about games anymore”. “Where’s Drive Club?” All this and the hardware’s only been on  retail shelves – or flying off them…

A familiar indulgence: the first hour of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

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at 04:00pm October 30 2013
A Link Between Worlds art

You’ve seen it all before, of course. From the second Link is jolted from his slumber with an insistent ‘Hey!’, A Link Between Worlds is an exercise in fan service, delivered with relish. Its first hour is a steady, indulgent flow of references to, and tropes from, adventures past. The map is a tighter, more…

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