Why you really can’t make a videogame of Aliens

Why you really can't make a videogame of Aliens

Or, indeed, any war film that’s more about tension than shooting, writes Steven Poole.

Aliens: Colonial Marines suit is ‘beyond meritless’, says Gearbox

Aliens: Colonial Marines gallery

Sega also describes class action lawsuit as ‘without merit’.

Sega and Gearbox hit by false advertising lawsuit over Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines gallery

Law firm claims that Sega and Gearbox misrepresented its product through trade shows and press previews.

Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U canned


Sega confirms that its shooter is no longer in development for Nintendo’s platform.

UK charts: Aliens: Colonial Marines hits number one


Sega shooter is the biggest new release of the year so far.

TimeGate Studios, the developer at the heart of an internet storm


Another look at TimeGate Studios, the developer at the heart of the storm over Aliens: Colonial Marines’ prolonged, painful development.

Aliens: Colonial Marines review


Gearbox captures the Aliens aesthetic, but fails to do its ideas and images justice.

Aliens: Colonial Marines: is authenticity enough?


An awkward moment follows Gearbox’s demonstration of Aliens: Colonial Marines’ campaign. After a moodily lit climb up the floors surrounding the gigantic power generator of the marines’ starship, the Sulaco, the Aliens fan in us is delighted to find it exactly as James Cameron’s cast left it back in 1986. But then senior producer Brian Burleson is asked what Gearbox’s new game brings to the firstperson shooter genre besides its storied, weighty licence.

Sega talks restructuring and its digital future

Sega talks restructuring and its digital future

Following news of Sega’s restructure in June – which lead to layoffs in the west, and reduced focus on boxed products in favour of proven IP and digital game sales – the lesser-known second half of John Clark’s job title took on greater significance. Known to the trade as Sega’s UK managing director, Clark is also Sega’s digital distribution director, responsible for heading up Sega West’s focus on PC and other new markets. Here, the Sega exec updates us on the publisher’s new outlook.

E3 2012: Randy Pitchford praises Wii U GamePad

Gearbox co-founder and CEO Randy Pitchford has praised Nintendo's Wii U GamePad for being the "best controller I've ever had from Nintendo".