Monument Valley creator Ustwo on App Store success and what comes next

Monument Valley review

Many an artist has died poor. Vincent van Gogh famously attracted next to no recognition for his talents during his lifetime. Likewise, William Blake achieved little acclaim while a practising painter, printmaker and poet. And it’s true enough that visionary games developers have sometimes struggled to have their art acknowledged – Thatgamecompany traversed tremendous financial… Continue reading

Cook, Serve, Delicious! review

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

They never look happy. Even as you sweat, swear, fumble and panic your way through your customers’ food orders, serving perfect dish after dish. Even when you lay on pizza and burger parties, their glum faces festooned with balloon sculpture hats. Perhaps an undercurrent of Cook, Serve, Delicious! is that no one is ever happy,… Continue reading

Crowded out: the plight of indies on mobile


Monday’s Big Indie Pitch event in London felt like a microcosm of the mobile games market right now. It was chaotic, overcrowded and hosted over 50 indies, all of whom lined up to present their game to judges in the hope of winning that most rare of prizes, greater visibility. Only a few would succeed,… Continue reading

State of Play 2013: Ouya falls flat, so where next for alt consoles? Valve could have the answer


Only a cynic could look at something like Ouya and not be impressed by its pluck. There it was, lacing up its tiny gloves and boots and throwing itself into the ring just as Sony and Microsoft’s heavyweight prizefighters were about to start knocking bells out of each other. The Ouya was the little console… Continue reading

Puzzle & Dragons review

Puzzle and Dragons

GungHo Online Entertainment’s F2P monster is a Gojira-sized phenomenon in Japan, and that’s no surprise when you consider its ingredients. This is a match-three dungeon crawler with the immediacy of Bejeweled, the collectable, upgradeable monsters of Pokémon, the propulsive force of RPG-style progression and an irresistible social component designed for maximum viral impact. Not to… Continue reading

Seducing game developers the Google way


The launch of the Play Games app shows that the tech giant is listening, says Google.

Google on games: “we’ve really only just started”


How the tech giant intends to push the medium through more social play, plus its thoughts on launching a games console.

Wargaming reveals World Of Tanks Blitz


World Of Tanks dev shrinks down its military warfare sim for smartphones and tablets.

Ouya gets revised controller ahead of release, disc D-pad encouragingly switched for cross design


Ouya has tweaked the design of its eponymous Android-based console’s controller following developer feedback, improving its quality, feel and responsiveness in the process.

Record-breaking 1.76 billion apps downloaded over Christmas period, according to report


A report released by app analytics firm Flurry estimates that 1.76 billion mobile applications were downloaded by smartphone and tablet users over the Christmas holidays – the highest number of downloads ever in a single week.