The heartening story of Blek, the iOS game that cut through App Store cynicism with pure creativity


Blek’s tale is a timely one. It’s a reminder that within an App Store that’s currently clouded over by cloning and shot through with cynicism that an original, well-executed idea can still carve out a niche and thrive. It is a simple, beautiful iPad puzzle game which casts you in the role of the creator,… Continue reading

As their markets and libraries continue to grow, how are digital stores adapting?


Platform holders used to pad out the tail end of a hardware generation with price cuts or slight shifts in focus to target different markets. In the seven years since Microsoft kicked off the current console generation with the 360’s release, though, much has changed. Consoles now do much more than play games, and PCs are no longer confined to the desk or our laps, but are often found under the TV as well. The explosion in mobile gaming has also meant we can download and play games in the brief window we spend waiting for a bus.