The Making Of: Dropzone

The Making Of: Dropzone

It started with being blown away. The swarms of enemies, the exhilarating freedom of flight, the screen-filling explosions, the aural assault, the daunting array of controls… Defender left most who first encountered it aghast. Archer Maclean shared the same feelings of awe as his fellow arcade-goers, except he wasn’t content with just playing. He wanted to make his own.

Report: swathes of publishers targeting German “pirates”

UPDATE: We've been passed a statement regarding the below from Ubisoft, which says: "Ubisoft has not issued any legal claims similar to those mentioned in the Torrentfreak article in over three years."ORIGINAL STORY: A large number of publishers are reportedly sending letters to those they claim have illegally downloaded games, threatening legal action unless they pay fines of several hundred euros.

Atari cracking down on App Store games

Atari is reportedly threatening legal action against developers whose games the company believes infringe on its IP rights.A post on Kickstarter by Los Angeles-based Black Powder Games claims that Atari enforced the removal from the iOS App Store of two of its games, Vector Tanks and Vector Tanks Extreme, due to their resemblance to Atari classic Battlezone.