After Arkham, Black Flag and GTAV, is this the end of an open-world gaming golden age?


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag can easily see you through to the new year with its heaving open-world of missions and quests. You could put hours into Arkham Origins over the winter weeks, too, hunting for all the snowbound secrets and swooping down on rampaging thugs. Then there’s Grand Theft Auto V, with its generous… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins review

Batman Arkham Origins

Batman protests when Commissioner Gordon suggests he might be a murderer. “That’s not how I do things,” he growls. But it is how he does things; he’s killed three or four people this very Christmas Eve, all because Warner Bros Games Montreal has given him a device that can suspend hoodlums from gargoyles placed just… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins iOS review

Batman Arkham Origins iOS

“One night to kill the bat”. Black Mask’s challenge to the Gotham City underworld is short, simple and echoed by the economy of NeatherRealm’s spin-off. A one-on-one beat ‘em up with a carousel of enemies in each short stage, Arkham Origins’ gameplay is a mixture of realtime and turn-based combat that requires you to tap… Continue reading

Massive attack: the rise and rise of mingleplayer

Destiny world building

Mingleplayer, the broad notion of mixing single- and multiplayer in seamless and mutually beneficial ways, is a hot topic right now – which makes you wonder what it was for the many other years it’s been around. What, beyond everyone’s apparent need to put the ‘next’ into ‘next generation’, has brought it to the fore?… Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Origins – Warner Bros Montreal’s excellent Rocksteady impression

Batman Arkham Origins

One of Rocksteady’s less celebrated achievements, alongside making The Dark Knight a menacing yet thrillingly vulnerable videogame protagonist, is that it fashioned a pair of games that make for surprisingly good companion pieces. Arkham Asylum’s crumbling, narrow corridors perfectly suit a tightly focused game about Batman the stealthy predator. Arkham City lacks that potency but… Continue reading

E3 2013: Warner Bros. Interactive drops a new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer


A series of assassins are after Batman in Arkham Origins.

WB Games Montreal reveals new Batman: Arkham Origins trailer


Batman battles with Deathstroke in the latest trailer – watch it here.

Batman: Arkham Origins trailer teases Deathstroke


The assassin villain to play a role in Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins revealed, set for current-gen in October


Game Informer exclusive outs new Wii U, PS3, 360 and PC title.