BioShock Infinite’s AI lead on Elizabeth’s difficult and frustrating birth


In his talk at GDC 2014, Irrational Games’ John Abercrombie outlined the challenge of bringing Elizabeth to life during BioShock Infinite’s development, urging his contemporaries to retain a focus on player experience at all costs. Speaking as part of the summit’s AI track, Abercrombie described how the Irrational team saw Elizabeth, the player’s companion throughout… Continue reading

Charting the rise and rise of the protagonist dad, from Heavy Rain to GTAV

Heavy Rain

This article contains spoilers for: Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us, Metro: Last Light, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V, Bioshock Infinite. And possibly Silent Hill, Street Fighter IV, SoulCalibur II and Final Fight. But definitely not The Walking Dead and Super Metroid. Promise. While it’s probably developer Quantic Dream’s greatest achievement to date,… Continue reading

Ken Levine, Walter White and the future of videogame narrative


“Frankly, I still feel like a noob,” says Ken Levine of his lifetime achievement award, presented to the Irrational co-founder at the Golden Joysticks last week. The accolade does feel a little premature; Levine has released some important videogames in his career to date, but he is keen to point out that he’s nowhere near… Continue reading