BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 2’s memorable moments make for a fitting finale

Burial At Sea 2

I finally ‘got’ BioShock’s ending about an hour after I went to bed. I finished playing the second half of Burial at Sea after a marathon session that ended at about half past midnight, after which my brain unclenched and started shuffling the pieces of its weird, convoluted jigsaw puzzle around in my subconscious. The… Continue reading

BioShock Infinite’s AI lead on Elizabeth’s difficult and frustrating birth


In his talk at GDC 2014, Irrational Games’ John Abercrombie outlined the challenge of bringing Elizabeth to life during BioShock Infinite’s development, urging his contemporaries to retain a focus on player experience at all costs. Speaking as part of the summit’s AI track, Abercrombie described how the Irrational team saw Elizabeth, the player’s companion throughout… Continue reading

Charting the rise and rise of the protagonist dad, from Heavy Rain to GTAV

Heavy Rain

This article contains spoilers for: Heavy Rain, The Last Of Us, Metro: Last Light, Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V, Bioshock Infinite. And possibly Silent Hill, Street Fighter IV, SoulCalibur II and Final Fight. But definitely not The Walking Dead and Super Metroid. Promise. While it’s probably developer Quantic Dream’s greatest achievement to date,… Continue reading

Writer’s roundtable: the death of Irrational and the trouble with blockbuster videogame narrative


Many questions have arisen from the closure of Irrational this week, and most remain either unanswered or unanswerable at this stage. But we can certainly discuss what might have led to the studio’s closure with those in the industry with working knowledge of creating the kind of games Irrational was famed for: blockbusters with a… Continue reading

Ken Levine, Walter White and the future of videogame narrative


“Frankly, I still feel like a noob,” says Ken Levine of his lifetime achievement award, presented to the Irrational co-founder at the Golden Joysticks last week. The accolade does feel a little premature; Levine has released some important videogames in his career to date, but he is keen to point out that he’s nowhere near… Continue reading

Lost at sea? why BioShock and Irrational could become victims of their own success

Burial At Sea

Every important game franchise starts off as something smaller. With Call of Duty, it was 2007’s Modern Warfare that ended its history with World War 2 and sparked this generation’s obsession with high-tech global war. Bethesda did the same for open-world fantasy with Oblivion, and Naughty Dog for third-person world-hopping with Uncharted. And Irrational did… Continue reading

Clash In The Clouds: Can BioShock’s combat mechanics keep up without story support?

Bioshock Infinite Clash In The Clouds

We run the rule over Irrational’s first Infinite DLC, which strips out story in favour of all-out gunplay.

Irrational’s BioShock Infinite DLC returns to pre-fall Rapture

Buried At Sea

First DLC, downloadable today, focuses on all-out combat, with a narrative-driven two part return to Rapture to follow.

Still Playing: Bioshock Infinite


Ian Evenden returns to Columbia to consider the role of player agency in Irrational’s epic.

BioShock Infinite shipped 3.7 million copies, Take-Two says


Take-Two notes “solid demand” for the Season Pass.