Strider review

Strider review

Well, that’s one way to solve a problem. Our time with an in-development build of Double Helix’s reboot raised concerns over how much damage Strider Hiryu took. That’s still the case: our hero is fast, flighty and powerful, but he’s a glass cannon. Double Helix’s solution? Health pickups are everywhere. At the start anyway, when… Continue reading

Ultra Street Fighter IV: fists-on with the newest additions to Capcom’s cast

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter IV’s grinning mascot producer, is off the project – as is, more worryingly, Dimps, the fighting-game specialist team set up by series creator Takashi Nishiyama to handle the development of each of iteration of Street Fighter IV to date. Capcom is unwilling to disclose the company working in its place, but… Continue reading

What is Deep Down? Capcom’s bold experiment in next-gen dungeoneering


What exactly is Deep Down? After a few hands-on sessions and a gameplay demonstration led by executive producer Yoshinori Ono at September’s Tokyo Game Show, we’re still not entirely sure. At first, Capcom’s PS4-exclusive dungeon crawler appeared to be its take on Dark Souls. Then a 2094 New York meta-setting was introduced in a setup similar to… Continue reading