Founded in 1983, Capcom is now one of the biggest publishers in Japan. It has one of the most enviable IP portfolios in videogames, including Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter and Mega Man. Resident Evil 6, released in October 2012, is the company’s biggest project to date, with some 600 staff worldwide involved in the game’s production.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney review

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at 11:01pm March 18 2014
Publisher Capcom Developer Level-5 Format 3DS Release March 28

One wonders why such a meeting of minds has taken so long. Here, after all, is a union of two protagonists born and raised on handheld devices, sharing a common – and similarly gentlemanly – desire to seek the truth. Quite apart from that, Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright are the archetypal mismatched pairing: a…

Strider review

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at 10:00am February 18 2014
Strider review

Well, that’s one way to solve a problem. Our time with an in-development build of Double Helix’s reboot raised concerns over how much damage Strider Hiryu took. That’s still the case: our hero is fast, flighty and powerful, but he’s a glass cannon. Double Helix’s solution? Health pickups are everywhere. At the start anyway, when…

Ultra Street Fighter IV: fists-on with the newest additions to Capcom’s cast

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at 02:00pm January 23 2014
Ultra Street Fighter IV

Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter IV’s grinning mascot producer, is off the project – as is, more worryingly, Dimps, the fighting-game specialist team set up by series creator Takashi Nishiyama to handle the development of each of iteration of Street Fighter IV to date. Capcom is unwilling to disclose the company working in its place, but…

What is Deep Down? Capcom’s bold experiment in next-gen dungeoneering

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at 12:00pm November 11 2013

What exactly is Deep Down? After a few hands-on sessions and a gameplay demonstration led by executive producer Yoshinori Ono at September’s Tokyo Game Show, we’re still not entirely sure. At first, Capcom’s PS4-exclusive dungeon crawler appeared to be its take on Dark Souls. Then a 2094 New York meta-setting was introduced in a setup similar to…

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies review

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at 02:00pm October 24 2013
Ace Attorney- Dual Destinies

The prosecutor is a convicted criminal with a bird of prey perched on his shoulder. A witness gives a statement with a cardboard box over her head. The assistant to the defence has a gadget that detects emotional fluctuations during testimony. Dual Destinies is an Ace Attorney game, all right. And that’s a relief, because…

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Capcom’s latest rebalancing act

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at 04:40pm September 17 2013
Ultra Street Fighter IV 3

We encounter some familiar faces in Street Fighter IV’s third major revision.

DuckTales Remastered review

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at 10:30am August 12 2013
DuckTales Remastered

Capcom revisits its 8-bit NES hit, but has this former gem lost its lustre?

Six new Dead Rising 3 screenshots emerge

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at 08:37pm July 26 2013
Dead Rising 3

Capcom gives a taste of the wackier side of Dead Rising 3.

Watch seven minutes of Double Helix’s Strider reboot

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at 09:32am July 19 2013

New side-scroller coming to current and next gen consoles.

Ultra Street Fighter IV revealed, coming early 2014

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at 09:04am July 15 2013
Ultra Street Fighter IV

Five new characters and six new stages included in new 360, PS3 and PC release; new trailer inside.

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