How to launch a game in China

Auto Club Revolution

China is a huge, intimidating territory for your average studio, but Eutechnyx CEO Darren Jobling is a great believer in its potential. And he’s not the only one – figures from the Chinese government suggest that next year it will overtake the USA as the world’s largest consumer market, and a slew of western companies… Continue reading

REPORT: China reviewing game console ban 12 years after it was put in place


China is considering lifting its 12-year ban on game consoles according to a report in Chinese newspaper China Daily. The report cites an anonymous source from the Ministry of Culture who says that the department is looking at the moratorium.

Microsoft working on Xbox 360 cloud features

Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on "really exciting" cloud features for Xbox 360.Speaking at GDC China over the weekend, reported by Gamasutra, Microsoft's "cloud evangelist" Brian Prince, said: "You will be seeing things in the Xbox platform that are cloud-specific. I'm already doing it, it's really exciting, but I can't tell you about it or else I'll get fired."

Newzoo: Free-to-play here to stay

Market research firm Newzoo has shown in a new report that the free-to-play MMOG model is increasing in popularity around the world.In the US, free-to-play will account for 47 per cent of the $2.6 billion Newzoo predicts will be spent on MMOGs in 2011. Last year, that figure was just 39 per cent.

Rovio: Angry Birds China’s most copied brand

Angry Birds is now the most copied brand in China, but it seems developer Rovio doesn't mind at all.Speaking at the Disrupt conference in Beijing, CEO Peter Vesterbacka said the widespread availability of unlicensed Angry Birds merchandise proved that there was a sufficiently large audience in the country to justify Rovio's Chinese expansion.

Unity Asia revenue up 258.7 per cent

Unity Asia revenue up 258.7 per cent

Unity Technologies has revealed that, in terms of user sessions per month, Asian markets are its biggest.Speaking during his keynote session at Unite 11 in San Francisco, company co-founder and CEO David Helgason revealed that the top four cities worldwide for monthly user sessions were Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Nei-Hu (a district of Taipei City in Taiwan).

Star Trek Online going free-to-play

With the recent rush of MMOGs switching to the free-to-play model it’s little surprise that Star Trek Online is also getting in on the act: Chinese company The Perfect World, which acquired STO developer Cryptic Studios in May, is a free-to-play specialist. Kelvin Lau, CFO, said on an earnings call: “When Perfect World acquired Cryptic,… Continue reading

Atari completes sale of Cryptic Studios

Atari announced in May that it was to sell the Champions Online developer to Chinese MMOG firm Perfect World, and the sale has now been completed. Atari said it would use the €35 million (£30.6 million) raised in the deal to pay down its debts, with the remainder used to fund social and mobile development,… Continue reading

Blizzard: declining Warcraft subs “normal”

Blizzard: declining Warcraft subs "normal"

Mike Morhaime, president of World Of Warcraft developer Blizzard, has said that a second quarterly decline in subscriber numbers should not be a cause of concern. Instead he claims it was to be expected following the release of the game's third expansion, Cataclysm, last December.

Zynga steps up Chinese expansion

There can be no bigger potential market for Zynga’s enormously popular social games than China. While the firm has had a Chinese presence since the acquisition last year of XPD Media, creation of an office in Beijing and launch of a localised version of Zynga Texas Poker, it is to expand its operations significantly through… Continue reading