Classic review: Micro Machines 2 (Mega Drive)

at 10:00am December 13 2013

Codemasters, well known as a stack ‘em high, sell ‘em low budget label, surprised everyone in 1992 with the highly original Micro Machines. On the surface it was just another top-down racer, but it was distinguished by a superb twoplayer option and well-themed levels inspired by the Micro Machines model cars tie-in. In Micro Machines…

Codemasters’ F1 series returns with classic cars and tracks

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at 02:07pm July 15 2013
F1 2013

F1 2013 coming to PS3, 360 and PC this Autumn, in standard and Classic editions.

Codemasters considering Cannon Fodder revival as part of move into mobile

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at 01:24pm July 1 2013
Cannon Fodder

60 developers working on several new mobile projects at the UK studio.

Colin McRae Rally returns on iOS

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at 10:08am June 27 2013
Colin McRae Rally

Codemasters has upgraded and retuned its 2001 racer for mobile.

Grid 2 review

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at 02:00pm May 28 2013

Codemasters’ latest release is a dazzling package that’s among the finest racing games of this generation.

THQ owes Double Fine, Codemasters, others millions of dollars

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at 07:00pm April 26 2013
THQ Posts $136m Loss

Now that its assets have been sold, THQ can begin paying its former creditors.

Codemasters on PS4 development and the future of the racing genre

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at 05:06pm February 26 2013

New Sony hardware is easier to work with compared to ‘tough’ PS3 development, says Clive Moody.

Grid 2 and why Codemasters isn’t waiting for the next generation

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at 05:00pm February 14 2013

Our look at how UK developer Codemasters is maximising current generation technology with its next Grid game.

Namco Bandai to distribute GRID 2 in UK and Ireland

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at 12:15pm February 11 2013

Agreement with Codemasters extended ahead of new racer’s release on PS3, 360 and PC.

The Making Of: Dizzy

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at 10:00am January 6 2013

The tale of how the Oliver twins got into the videogame industry is one of those Britsoft yarns, comparable to the one about Gremlin starting up above a computer shop or Peter Molyneux and Les Edgar kick-starting the development of Populous after receiving free Amiga hardware that should have gone to Torus, not Taurus. The brothers, recent purchasers of a BBC Micro, entered a competition on a Saturday morning kids show (“Isla St Clair, Tommy Boyd, Jeremy Beadle,” remembers Andrew Oliver) to design a videogame. They won – being the only ones to send an actual game rather than a design idea drawn in crayon – and later sold Gambit to Acornsoft for £200.

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