Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC is coming on June 4


Crytek shooter gets four new maps, two new multiplayer modes and extra weapons.

UK charts: Crysis 3 retains top spot


No new entries in the top ten as Crytek shooter is the best selling game in the UK for the second week.

UK charts: Crysis 3 beats Revengeance to top spot


Crytek shooter beats Platinum Games’ Rising in this week’s UK all-format chart.

Crysis 3 review


Crytek’s latest creation beautiful, but it is lacking in identity and purpose. Find out more in our review.

Crysis 3 gallery: new weapons and artwork revealed


Crytek has just released a new batch of Crysis 3 assets, including new screens, scenery and weapon concept art.

Crytek on developing next-gen games now

Edge 241 Crysis 3 thumb

Current-gen consoles have reached their limit – it’s time for something new, says studio.

Crysis 3 preview


With great power comes great paralysis. This is our guilty secret when it comes to playing Crysis. The suite of options and approaches made possible by the Nanosuit aren’t empowering, they’re calcifying.

Find game industry jobs with DICE and Crytek

Find game industry jobs with DICE and Crytek

Our weekly game industry jobs round-up highlights some of the recently advertised positions from Edge Jobs.

Crysis 3: Heading back to the jungle

Crysis 3: Heading back to the jungle

Crysis proved that the right setting could elevate a shooter, and Crysis 2 confirmed that the wrong setting can just as easily undermine one. On the original’s island paradise, riddled with sandy cliffs and 5km draw distances, a job lot of guns and a hi-tech Nanosuit came together to create an action game in which you could set your own pace and choose your own path.

Crysis 3 gallery