Curiosity winner will be the God in 22cans’ next game, Godus

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity

Peter Molyneux confirms the prize at the centre of the Curiosity cube.

“I’ve remembered who I am”: Peter Molyneux on going indie, crowdfunding and Curiosity

Out There: The magic of Molyneux

“I wouldn’t trade this for all the tea in China or all the new… Xboxes in the Xbox cupboard.”

What’s Inside The Cube? Curiosity players will find out in a few days, says Peter Molyneux


There are 50 layers left on the Curiosity cube so we’re likely to find out what’s inside in a few days, says 22cans boss.

Molyneux, Notch, Anthropy: why gaming’s new cult of personality is good for the industry

Peter Molyneux

Recently, I interviewed Peter Molyneux about his new iOS game, Curiosity. He describes it as little short of miraculous, a global experiment that supposedly contains a life-changing secret at its heart. Everyone else describes it as ‘some cube thing’, all but certain to mark another occasion when the quirky creator over-promises and under-delivers.

His sense of wonder that so many people had gathered to tap at his mysterious cube was palpable. Peter Molyneux is a man that wants to find the answers to the questions his imagination poses; he wants to know whether a sense of mystery and community is enough to drive hundreds of thousands of people to pursue an experience together. His fascination is tangible, electric, inspiring.

22Cans’ Curiosity launches on iOS, nearly 29 million cubes destroyed in a matter of hours


The game is the first of 22 planned releases that will prototype the mechanics for a another, larger, game further down the line. Curiosity lets players from around the world cooperate on the task of chipping away at the surface of a giant cube to discover what lies within.

Peter Molyneux on Curiosity’s delay: “We were really worried Apple were going to just say no”

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity

Speaking to us yesterday, Molyneux explained that the game’s planned summer release slipped for a number of reasons, the first of which was simple reality. “In my mind it was a simple black cube in the corner of a white room,” he said. “How long could that take?”

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity

Peter Molyneux's Curiosity

Peter Molyneux is nervous. He’s shown off new games for the first time before, of course. Indeed, he’s often done it in the same way, picking up a journalist from Guildford station in his black Nissan GT-R, then taking them to the studio for a personal tour. But it’s been a long time since he’s felt so personally exposed, and had so much to prove.

22Cans’ Curiosity features £50,000 chisel

One of 22Cans experiments will include a one-off £50,000 in-game item, Peter Molyneux has revealed.

Molyneux’s first 22Cans experiment is called Curiosity

Molyneux's first 22Cans experiment is called Curiosity

A multiformat massively multiplayer game is the first of a series of experimental games that will lead up to a final full game release from the new Guildford-based studio in around three years' time.