Blizzard planned to release Diablo on Game Boy Color

Game Boy color

Blizzard, the Creators of Diablo, planned to release a version of the RPG series for Game Boy Color. Titled Diablo Junior, the game would have been available in multiple editions so players could meet up and swap items, much like the trading mechanic of Pokémon.

Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3’s design

Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3's design

David Brevik, the project, design and programming lead on Diablo and Diablo II, has given us his thoughts on Diablo III, saying that the game's focus on grinding for gold over searching for items "loses a lot of what the game is about".

Diablo 2 Review

Diablo 2 Review

This review originally appeared in E88, September 2000.Picking up where Diablo left off, Diablo II requires you to cast a new hero in your image. Choose from amazon, warrior, necromancer, paladin, or sorceress, and allocate skills, weaponry and armour. When you’ve finished sculpting your champion, it’s time to place them into an isometric world of endless flat landscapes, randomly generated dungeons, and much evil ready to be purged.