Still Playing: DMC Devil May Cry

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at 04:00pm March 2 2013
DmC Devil May Cry review

Why we’re still playing Ninja Theory’s brash, bold Devil May Cry reboot.

Born again: the developers behind a new generation of reboots

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at 03:43pm January 31 2013
Edge 228 Tomb Raider thumb

What do you do with a property that has been misused, run into the ground, or simply left on the shelf for too long? Following the trends of cinema, increasingly developers are turning to the reboot, aiming to isolate what once made a game or series great and deliver on that expectation with a contemporary approach. And with many series still going some 20 years after their debuts, several are mature enough for radical revisions.

Something About Japan: DmC wows critics as Monster Hunter hits the mainstream

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at 05:32pm January 26 2013
DmC Devil May Cry review

Our man in Japan takes a look at the critical response to the Devil May Cry reboot, the Monster Hunter phenomenon and the latest sales charts.

DmC: Devil May Cry review

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at 09:50am January 14 2013
DmC Devil May Cry review

Any lingering concerns you may have about Ninja Theory’s restyled Dante will fade within the first few hours. This, despite involving surely the most controversial haircut in videogame history, is still a Devil May Cry game, and a good one. This Dante may be the brattish, obnoxious sort of cocky, but only at the outset, when he’s the orphan with the sad past who’s gone off the rails, spending his days in a trailer park and his nights in strip clubs. Nothing, though, focuses the wayward mind quite like being dragged into Limbo by a demon the size of a skyscraper or two.

Most Wanted: January 2013 – DmC, Ni No Kuni and Strike Suit Zero

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at 03:30pm January 4 2013

The games we’re most looking forward to playing in January.

DmC: Devil May Cry’s artists on why life in Limbo is anything but dull

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at 04:51pm December 6 2012

Ninja Theory’s art has proved a valuable bulwark in games where the action is less dependable. Whatever you might think of combat in Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, there’s no denying the joy of watching their concepts turn into realtime via Hollywood techniques. DmC isn’t just shaping up to be a legitimate Devil May Cry, but is by far the most kinetic and reactive from an environmental standpoint. Truly psychedelic at times, it shows that the rainbow-coloured Enslaved was no Unreal Engine fluke, as technical art director Stuart Adcock and concept artist Alessandro ‘Talexi’ Taini explain.

With DmC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory is set to deliver a divine spin on Dante

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at 10:15am November 27 2012

History’s repeating in DmC, Ninja Theory’s hotly debated reboot of Capcom’s treasured Devil May Cry series. You don’t realise just how much, though, until you see Caravaggio’s The Taking Of Christ and David With The Head Of Goliath recast with a rebellious young Dante in one instance battling the cops (rather than armoured soldiers) and in the other holding a freshly chopped-off demon’s head.

DMC: Devil May Cry pushed back to 2013

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at 10:06am May 22 2012

Capcom has confirmed that Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry reboot, DMC, won't be released until next year.The game is now scheduled for a January 15, 2013, launch in the EU and US with a newly revealed PC version set to arrive later in the year.

DMC: Devil May Cry heads west

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at 09:39am May 22 2012
DMC: Devil May Cry heads west

The news that Ninja Theory was handling the development of DMC: Devil May Cry was met with fan responses ranging from consternation to outrage. Hideki Kamiya’s finger-twisting series defined the modern Japanese action game, even if Bayonetta did steal its crown.

DMC: Devil May Cry gallery

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at 08:03am May 22 2012
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