The Making Of: Die Hard Trilogy – how a team of underdogs created three movie tie-ins at once

Die Hard Trilogylead

Cars fitted with atomic bombs. Hostages in flames. Arterial spray. Die Hard Trilogy is wildly inauthentic, but exactly the game that 20th Century Fox should have expected from Probe Entertainment had it consulted the studio’s back catalogue. Since the mid-1980s the UK studio had built a reputation from its handling of movie licences and arcade… Continue reading

Titanfall is an intelligent, modern shooter which gives Call of Duty’s multiplayer formula new life

Titanfall Beta

The following represents our first impressions of Titanfall based on two days’ play at an EA-run event in London last week. Although we were able to play the final version in its entirety, our full review is being withheld until we are able to test the game in real-world circumstances. Please note, then, that the… Continue reading

PS4 vs Xbox One: EA’s Frank Gibeau on Sony and Microsoft’s ‘combative summer’

PS4 vs Xbox One

“The fact that PS4 and Xbox One have had a combative summer is good,” says EA Labels president Frank Gibeau in the new issue of Edge magazine, on sale October 24. Gibeau offers us his thoughts on the face off between the two new consoles, EA’s potentially disc-free future and how the publishing giant will… Continue reading

In conversation with DICE’s Patrick Bach – what’s new in Battlefield 4?

Battlefield 4 2

DICE is much, much more than ‘the Battlefield studio’ these days. A Mirror’s Edge sequel, plus a fleeting glimpse of the next Star Wars: Battlefront game were among E3’s most electrifying reveals, a stunning one-two punch from the Stockholm studio that shows how much its parent company EA trusts, treasures – and invests – in… Continue reading