EA’s Frank Gibeau on the console war, the evolution of online, and the slow march to the digital future.


How do you steer a traditional publishing juggernaut into a new era of gaming? That’s the question we put to high-ranking EA exec Frank Gibeau on the cusp of Xbox One and PS4’s release. He explains what the organisation behind Battlefield, FIFA and the forthcoming Titanfall makes of the console war, the next-gen evolution of… Continue reading

FIFA 13 sells over 14.5 million as digital revenues soar at EA


SimCity sells 1.6 million, Battlefield 3 Premium subs top 3.5 million in EA financials.

Army Of Two: The Devil’s Cartel review


“It’s ironic that a game about a mercenary organisation that doesn’t play by the rules adheres so vehemently to the ones that defined its genre.”

Get Into Games Challenge 2013: Two weeks to go


Meet some of the teams hard at work on their entries to our Unity game creation competition.

Get Into Games Challenge 2013: Beginner’s guide to Unity


Tutorials, online classes and community support to help you build your winning entry.

EA co-founder launches new studio and strategy game


Joe Ybarra founds Joe Got Game and turns to Kickstarter for M.U.L.E.-like Shackleton Crater.

EA hosts LGBT event


BioWare and EA join Human Rights Campaign and Ford Foundation to discuss the “state of hate” in games.

Real Racing 3 review


The series goes free-to-play, but just how real is the racing?

Layoffs at EA as publisher repositions for next-gen


Los Angeles, Montreal and other “smaller locations” all hit by redundancies.

EA and Zynga settle The Ville legal dispute out of court


The Sims Social developer drops principled stand against cloning and is compensated in undisclosed agreement.