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Epic ‘placing its bets’ on releasing games for free as work begins on the next Unreal Tournament

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at 11:32am May 14 2014
Unreal Tournament

Releasing games for free is more attractive than the old “build, ship and pray model”, Unreal Tournament’s project lead Steve Polge has told us. Epic began ‘open’ development on the next Unreal Tournament game last week, inviting fans and UE4 developers to actively participate in the creation of the new competitive shooter. When complete, the…

Three new Epic games incoming as Unreal Engine 4 looks to define a new generation

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at 10:00am April 24 2014

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has countered the suggestion that Epic is moving away from game development by confirming the existence of three new games in the works at the developer. A high-end next generation title will look to showcase Unreal Engine 4’s power and fidelity alongside a mobile game and the previously-announced ‘co-op sandbox…

All eyes on Epic: Unreal-powered games, major VR support and more incoming, says Mike Gamble

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at 04:30pm January 27 2014

Mike Gamble knows things. As Epic Games’ EU territory manager he’s privy to a plethora of yet-to-be revealed PS4, Xbox One and PC games powered by his company’s popular Unreal Engine, and has seen and worked with major new titles slated for release as far forward as spring 2015. Epic counts Microsoft, Irrational, Ninja Theory,…

Get Into Games: Epic opens its first ever Games Centre at Staffordshire University

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at 10:00am January 27 2014
Mike Gamble

Epic Games’ European boss Mike Gamble opened the new Epic Games Centre at Staffordshire University last week, a partnership which will see students work exclusively with Epic’s UDK and also allow the studio host developer days at the institution. Staffordshire University already offers several videogame-related courses, and with the new Epic Games Centre it hopes…

Chris Wynn leaves Epic to work on the next Mass Effect

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at 07:09pm July 3 2013

The Gears of War producer to become space epic’s senior development director.

A second Maxim-sponsored DLC map for Gears of War: Judgement announced

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at 10:36pm May 10 2013
Gears of War Judgement Dreadnought

The second in a pair of free DLC maps will be available May 15.

Silicon Knights shuts down its office, sells physical assets

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at 09:29pm May 10 2013

The few remaining employees of the Too Human developer continue legal battle with Epic.

Human after all: why have console games swapped characterful cartoons for ‘realistic’ art styles?

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at 12:00pm May 10 2013

We explore how the videogame mascot has evolved over the years, with Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Epic.

The truth about how triple-A developers view indies, by Lee Perry

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at 08:38pm April 30 2013

Former lead designer at Epic Games and co-founder of Bitmonster Lee Perry sets the record straight.

The Making Of: Infinity Blade

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at 11:54am April 21 2013

How Chair Entertainment produced a playable Infinity Blade demo in just eight weeks for Apple’s keynote, and what happened next.

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