Eve Online and Dust 514 servers to merge tomorrow, bringing console and PC players together


CCP will migrate Dust 514 players into the wider Eve Online world for the first time tomorrow, though gameplay and financial interactions will be initially limited.

“This is a massive technical and game design endeavour and so the overlap in gameplay is intentionally contained for now,” explains a post on the Eve Online dev blog. “It is of course very important that we do not upset the serious business of internet spaceships.”

A history of griefing: meet the gamers who, if you’re lucky, only want to ruin your day for kicks


You’re in the zombie nightmare of DayZ and about to be eaten by one of the charging undead when suddenly a helicopter appears. Its pilots – and simply owning a helicopter lets you know they’re big shots – gun down your pursuer and offer you a lift. What you don’t know is that instead of flying you to safety, your destination is the tiny, featureless Schadenfreude Island some 15km off the main coast of Chernarus. The only reason they’ve saved you is for the amusement of knowing you’re condemned to stand there until you waste away, and that they were smart enough to fool you.

From Eve Online to Dust 514: CCP goes free-to-play


Successful exponents of free-to-play will tell you that it requires a delicate balance of temptation and reward; juggling the needs of a majority of non-paying players with those of the minority who do, but ensuring nobody is unfairly disadvantaged in the process. Despite its inexperience with F2P, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that Icelandic developer CCP – which, in Eve Online, has built a world so rich it supports its own democratic government and economy – is better placed than most when it comes to understanding and successfully exploiting a new financial model.

The Art Of: Eve Online

Fire and ice: the art of Eve Online

Warping across a single star map shared by tens of thousands of fellow ‘capsuleers’ isn’t all that draws people to Eve Online. Ironically, it’s the supreme hostility of that experience, felt in every aspect of CCP’s art design, that’s made the MMOG so intriguing to outsiders and valued to its players.

We’ve only scratched the surface of cross-platform gaming

We’ve only scratched the surface of cross-platform gaming

It’s clear to everyone by now that the rise of connected platforms such as Facebook, iOS and Android is profoundly changing gaming, with the arrival of hundreds of millions of new players opening up countless business and creative opportunities. Equally important, though, is the fact that most people now play games on more than one platform, having the opportunity to engage in gaming anywhere, at any time.