Nintendo’s E3 2014: a line-up unlikely to ‘save’ Wii U, but who cares when it’s this much fun?

nintendo e3

And now for something completely different. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Nintendo’s determination to do things its own way is its greatest asset or its greatest flaw, few will have watched Nintendo’s version of an E3 press conference without cracking a smile. The tone was set from the very beginning with an extraordinary, GIF-friendly… Continue reading

Sony’s E3 2014 press conference: greater daring and diversity seal another confident PS4 victory


PlayStation continues to outstrip Xbox at every turn this generation. Sony’s showcase had more surprises, more impressive game demos and far greater diversity than Microsoft’s briefing. Sony also had a wider range of things to talk about: there was PlayStation TV, Vita, PS Plus, Project Morpheus and the same kind of services Microsoft once focused… Continue reading

Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference: a solid but uninspiring start for Phil Spencer’s ‘new Xbox’

Phil Spencer

And with that, Xbox One is an Xbox again. To the relief of the millions watching around the world earlier today, Xbox One wasn’t referred to as an ‘all-in-one entertainment system’ at all during Microsoft’s E3 2014 media briefing; instead, we were presented with a string of new games intended to recapture some of the… Continue reading

Edge Of Tomorrow and the growing overlap between cinema and videogames

Edge Of Tomorrow

Last year David Valjalo argued convincingly that the blockbusters of 2013, and Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium in particular, were evidence of the growing influence of videogame aesthetics on Hollywood. “Elysium is the boldest embrace yet of videogame language in the cinema,” he wrote, describing a film packed with respawns and plasma shields that is “steeped in… Continue reading

Life after death: meet the people ensuring that yesterday’s systems will never be forgotten


For James ‘Shamus’ Hammons, Doom and a limbless, white-gloved cartoon mascot were all it took to ignite a longstanding obsession with Atari’s Jaguar. Back in the early ’90s, he felt he couldn’t abandon his Atari ST for IBM PC-style computing simply to play id Software’s genre-defining FPS, but then the news came that Doom would… Continue reading

Could it be time to abandon the word ‘videogame’ altogether?


Recently, I had an illuminating Twitter discussion with some eminent writer colleagues and the lexicographer Kory Stamper about whether you should write ‘videogame’ as one word or ‘video game’ as two. I have long argued that the former is preferable, since these things are not just ‘games’ that happen to have a ‘video’ component, but… Continue reading

Super Time Force review

Super Time Force review

For an organisation called the Super Time Force, Capy’s band of trigger-happy mercs exhibits precious little concern for causality. Perhaps its members’ cheery ignorance of the potential dangers of time travel is best illustrated when a landing party flattens two bipedal reptiles frolicking with a butterfly at the start of a mission whose purpose is to… Continue reading