Final Fantasy’s overseer Yoshinori Kitase on defining the Japanese RPG

Yoshinori Kitase

Over the past decade, many of Square Enix’s best-known designers have left the company – and none more high profile than Hironobu Sakaguchi. He joined Square in 1983 as a part-time designer, going on to become its director of planning and development, and ultimately its US president. Yoshinori Kitase, one of Sakaguchi’s protégées, is among… Continue reading

Time Extend: Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII Time Extend

Time has not been especially kind to Final Fantasy VIII’s reputation. The standard line on the trio of PlayStation games is that VII is the godhead, IX the neglected gem, and VIII the red-headed stepchild. In 2011 they’re all still a lot of fun, but while VII probably isn’t as good as you remember, VIII might just be better.

An Audience With: Yoichi Wada

An Audience With: Yoichi Wada

In many ways, Square Enix could be considered the most unashamedly ‘Japanese’ of Japanese game developers, with a long history of titles, created for the Japanese market first and foremost, which seem to have become internationally successful almost by surprise. Overseas releases have generally only come after months of slow localisation, with few changes to suit local tastes outside of bug and interface fixes.