Oculus VR on why John Carmack joined the Rift revolution


“Carmack was hired to work on our technology, not to port id titles to the Rift,” says Palmer Luckey.

EA impresses at Gamescom, despite too many buzzwords and too few genuinely new games


Our review of EA’s Gamescom conference shows a major publisher with a strong line-up, but a lack of creative flair.

Sony trumps Microsoft again with a confident, comprehensive showcase at Gamescom


Our review of Sony’s Gamescom conference, in which the PlayStation brand cemented its superiority over Xbox One.

Guns and football: Xbox One’s launch plan sharpens Microsoft’s focus on the mainstream

Xbox One Console

Microsoft’s FIFA 14 deal means that Xbox One just took a giant step forward in Europe.

Microsoft reveals ID@Xbox, its indie self-publishing initiative

Xbox One

Developers with a proven track record to be prioritised, says Microsoft.

Gamescom video: Cologne to Brighton bike ride raises £10,000 for GamesAid

Gamesaid cycling

An eight-strong team of videogame industry professionals ended Gamescom by riding their bikes 500km from Cologne to Brighton, raising over £10,000 (more than twice its original target) for charity GamesAid in the process.

EA backs down and pulls Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tomahawk

EA backs down and pulls Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tomahawk

EA has removed a branded Medal Of Honor: Warfighter tomahawk from sale and pulled a series of blog posts from the game's executive producer touting official partnerships with weapons manufacturers.As we reported yesterday, the blog posts, written by executive producer Greg Goodrich, contained links to each manufacturer's official website, where guns, attachments and tactical accessories could be ordered online and delivered to a local weapons dealer.

Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3’s design

Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3's design

David Brevik, the project, design and programming lead on Diablo and Diablo II, has given us his thoughts on Diablo III, saying that the game's focus on grinding for gold over searching for items "loses a lot of what the game is about".

Epic Games hints at major new Unreal Engine deals

Epic Games hints at major new Unreal Engine deals

Epic Games says that Unreal Engine 4 is increasingly being adopted by major studios who have traditionally used their own tech as the next generation of hardware approaches.Speaking to us in Cologne on the eve of Gamescom Mike Gamble, Epic's European territory manager, said that the increased scale of next-generation games had several companies thinking about using Epic's hugely popular engine over the proprietary tech they have used in the past.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance release date announced

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will launch on February 19 in North America and Europe, and two days later in Japan, publisher Konami has confirmed.Konami's announcement comes on the first day of Gamescom, and means that the Bayonetta developer's thirdperson brawler take on Hideo Kojima's beloved stealth action game is just six months away.