Most customers wouldn’t buy console which blocks preowned, warns GameStop


Retailer’s CFO says that a second-hand ban would put 60 per cent of its customers off buying a console.

GameStop issues warning on next Xbox second-hand block


US retailer suggests that demand for the next Xbox could be damaged if Microsoft pursues its second-hand ban.

GameStop shares fall after next Xbox report


US games retailer GameStop’s shares are “trading sharply lower” following the publication of our story on the next Xbox. Forbes reports that GameStop shares are down after we revealed that the next Xbox would block second-hand games. The move could damage GameStop’s business significantly, and it appears investors are taking note. GameStop reported on November… Continue reading

Former GameStop vice president pleads guilty to near $2 million fraud


Chris Olivera, former GameStop vice president of corporate communications, has pleaded guilty to fraud and the theft of $1.97 million from the retailer.

GameStop to offer online pass warnings for used games

GameStop’s California-based stores will be required to warn second-hand game buyers that downloadable content advertised as free may require an additional purchase, following the settlement of a class action lawsuit brought against the retailer for allegedly engaging in "deceptive and misleading practices".

GameStop: new Xbox won’t block used games

US retail chain GameStop has poured cold water on claims that Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor will somehow prevent used games from being played.

GameStop reveals 2011 results

GameStop has announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending January 28, which reveal the US retailer has enough cash in the bank to buy ailing UK chain Game Group almost 50 times over.The company is sitting on cash and cash equivalents of $655 million (£413.5m); Game Group's market capitalisation – the amount it would cost to buy the company based on its share price – is just £8.29 million.

Report: GameStop keen on Game’s Iberian stores

US retail chain GameStop has reportedly expressed an interest in buying troubled UK retailer Game Group's Iberian operation.The Independent reports that GameStop, which has apparently distanced itself from speculation linking it with an outright takeover of the troubled company, is keen on Game Group's 291-store portfolio in Spain and Portugal.

GameStop exits Northern Ireland

Retailer GameStop has closed all of its Northern Irish stores and told staff that it has ceased trading in the region.The three stores in question are now shuttered, with posters redirecting customers to the website."The recent store closures in Northern Ireland are part of our plan, announced six months ago, to exit the UK market from a brick and mortar perspective," commercial director Michael Finucane told MCV."We started this process last year closing our Birmingham, Stockport and Belfast locations.

GameStop reports minimal rise in holiday sales

US retailer GameStop has posted sales of $3.02 billion for the nine weeks ended December 31, 2011.The total represents less than one per cent growth year-over-year, with the “solid sales performance of new high-def console software… offset by weak Wii software sales and hardware sales”, according to chief executive officer Paul Raines.