Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3′s design

at 04:30pm August 15 2012
Gamescom: Diablo 2 lead Brevik on Diablo 3's design

David Brevik, the project, design and programming lead on Diablo and Diablo II, has given us his thoughts on Diablo III, saying that the game's focus on grinding for gold over searching for items "loses a lot of what the game is about".

Ex-Cryptic CEO Joins Gazillion

at 04:51pm March 11 2011
Ex-Cryptic CEO Joins Gazillion

John Needham, who left his post as CEO of Cryptic Studios earlier this week, has takes up the same role at another MMOG developer, Gazillion Entertainment.VentureBeat reports that Needham’s first task is to oversee the conversion of Gazillion’s games to the free-to-play mode, something he did while at Cryptic with Champions Online.“Free-to-play is gaining a foothold here,” Needham said. “That is where the secret sauce is for the industry.”

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