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Apogee sues Gearbox over unpaid Duke Nukem Forever royalties

at 06:53pm June 13 2013
Duke Nukem Forever review

Apogee claims Gearbox owes $2 million in royalties and advance payment.

The Psycho class now available in Borderlands 2

at 06:46pm May 14 2013
Borderlands 2 Krieg

The melee brawler is not included in Borderlands 2′s Season Pass.

Sega and Gearbox hit by false advertising lawsuit over Aliens: Colonial Marines

at 10:15am May 1 2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines gallery

Law firm claims that Sega and Gearbox misrepresented its product through trade shows and press previews.

Homeworld developer congratulates Gearbox on buy, reveals unseen art

at 12:28pm April 24 2013

Relic veteran Rob Cunningham responds to this month’s IP sale and dips into his personal art archive to mark the occasion.

Aliens: Colonial Marines review

at 09:00am February 12 2013

Gearbox captures the Aliens aesthetic, but fails to do its ideas and images justice.

Aliens: Colonial Marines: is authenticity enough?

at 02:35pm January 15 2013

An awkward moment follows Gearbox’s demonstration of Aliens: Colonial Marines’ campaign. After a moodily lit climb up the floors surrounding the gigantic power generator of the marines’ starship, the Sulaco, the Aliens fan in us is delighted to find it exactly as James Cameron’s cast left it back in 1986. But then senior producer Brian Burleson is asked what Gearbox’s new game brings to the firstperson shooter genre besides its storied, weighty licence.

Borderlands Legends HD review

at 10:53am November 21 2012
Borderlands Legends

Borderlands is built on its classes, and the interplay between them. But for those who’ve never experienced the series in co-op, Borderlands Legends offers an intriguing solution. Who needs friends when you’ve got a top-down perspective and four characters on the go at once?

Borderlands 2 review

at 08:43am September 18 2012
Borderlands 2

Decisions of the mind and heart are the crux of Borderlands, the FPS-cum-RPG that has possibly the greatest practical understanding of what makes a great shooter: guns. And by ‘guns’, we mean the interplay between a lot of different parameters, each of which both Gearbox and you explore in the ‘bazillions’ of guns in Borderlands 2.

Brothers In Arms Furious 4 now a new IP

at 09:38am September 3 2012

Brothers In Arms Furious 4, the fourplayer co-op Gearbox shooter announced at E3 in 2011, has "evolved" into an all-new IP.The news was revealed at PAX over the weekend by Gearbox president Randy Pitchford. Speaking to Kotaku, he hinted that the new game would, like Gearbox's shooter-RPG hybrid Borderlands, fuse two established genres in a new way, but refused to elaborate."Our Pokémon has evolved," he said. "It has different powers."

Gearbox demakes Borderlands for browsers

at 09:54am August 23 2012
Gearbox demakes Borderlands for browsers

Gearbox Software's marketing campaign for the upcoming Borderlands 2 has taken a novel turn with the studio releasing a 16bit-style demake of the original game.Playable in browsers at the marvellously named Borderlands 2 website, The Border Lands is a single-screen shooter that gives players a choice of four of the game's characters – Salvador, Maya, Zero and Axton.

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