How the next generation of top motorsport drivers is being trained by Gran Turismo

GT Academy

Four months ago, Miguel Faísca was not a race driver. But in January, he and three other Gran Turismo players – Florian Strauss, Nick McMillen and Stansislav Aksenov – finished first in the Dubai 24 Hours SP2 class. These GT Academy graduates were recruited based on their performance in the Gran Turismo 6 demo last… Continue reading

Sony to make Gran Turismo announcement May 15

Gran Turismo 15

Announcements about the future of the company coming next week.

Time Extend: Gran Turismo


Put simply, this game was absolutely unimaginable a year before its release.” So runs the comment in our 100 Most Significant Reviews special on Gran Turismo’s ten out of ten score, and that ten has always provoked debate. Those for it agree there’s no question that The Real Driving Simulator redefined the console racing game, ripping it from its arcade roots, and set a new standard for the breadth, fidelity and flexibility of game software that would – and still does – cause ripples way beyond its genre. Those against argue that, despite its massive appeal, the almost fanatically obsessive approach it takes to its subject matter does make it an inaccessible mystery to many players; and that, unlike all the other tens, its mighty achievements have very little to do with traditionally good game design.

How Gran Turismo’s picturesque Trial Mountain drifts between fantasy and the real world


Sunlight pierces the ragged gap between two avenues of trees lining the steadily climbing road. Trial Mountain’s long back straight is a rare chance to breathe, providing relief after the twists of the track’s canyon section, a rock-walled succession of unforgiving hairpins that will punish careless corner-clipping and scanty braking. It’s also a chance to enjoy some of the few visual flourishes Gran Turismo invests in beyond its cars: shadows and reflections flickering across paintwork, and shafts of light splayed by the canopy above.

DICE 2011: Gran Turismo Creator On Gaming’s “Mimesis”

DICE 2011: Gran Turismo Creator On Gaming's "Mimesis"

Yamauchi hopes gaming can make players think about life and “how to come to terms with death”.

Gran Turismo 5 New Japan Number One

Gran Turismo 5 New Japan Number One

Gran Turismo 5 debuted in the Japan chart with sales of 430,707 units for the week ending November 28.New entries from DS role-playing game Super Robot Taisen L and Mario Sports Mix on Wii took second and third place respectively, while Super Mario Collection and Pokemon Black/White maintained positions in the top five.The previous week’s number one, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, fell five places to number six.

Gran Turismo review

Gran Turismo Review

This review originally appeared in E55, February 1998.