UK charts: Grid 2 takes top spot

Grid 2 1

Codemasters claims its first number one since 2010 as EA’s Fuse arrives at number 37.

Grid 2 review


Codemasters’ latest release is a dazzling package that’s among the finest racing games of this generation.

Codemasters on PS4 development and the future of the racing genre


New Sony hardware is easier to work with compared to ‘tough’ PS3 development, says Clive Moody.

Grid 2 and why Codemasters isn’t waiting for the next generation


Our look at how UK developer Codemasters is maximising current generation technology with its next Grid game.

Namco Bandai to distribute GRID 2 in UK and Ireland


Agreement with Codemasters extended ahead of new racer’s release on PS3, 360 and PC.

Grid 2 preview: can Codemasters’ sequel bring anything new to street racing?


The logo for Grid 2 is the logo for Grid with a ‘2’ stuck on the end. Hopefully the artist still had the old Photoshop documents to hand or he’d have been kicking himself. In anything other than the deadly eliminator of modern racing games, it wouldn’t even be worth mentioning – but now you’re wondering what it means when the proudly progressive Codemasters makes such a linear gesture.

Grid 2 announced

Codemasters has announced Grid 2, a sequel to 2008 racer Race Driver: Grid due next summer for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Dark matters: the future of lighting

Dark matters: the future of lighting

What would it take to make a Formula 1 game photorealistic? Ten years ago, you could have started just about anywhere. Likely answers would include, but weren’t limited to: high-resolution textures, better surface simulation, motion blur, depth of field, bloom, virtual lens defects, realtime reflections, and the dynamic modelling of light and shadow. Nowadays, you only have to look at F1 2010 to know that we’re close, the gap coming down to the last of those factors. And tech demos like Epic's Samaritan for its Unreal Engine (pictured above), only prove it.