The Making Of: E258’s Vice City cover


Artist Craig Stevenson explains how he created his Vice City cover for our special 20th anniversary issue.

The Making Of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Making Of Grand Theft Auto Vice City

As Rockstar’s open-world classic arrives on iOS to mark its tenth anniversary, we look back to its creation with company president and Vice City executive producer Sam Houser. Here, he recalls the films, TV shows and music that inspired the game and the legacy it leaves behind – and why Ray Liotta thought he was a “fucking lunatic”.

Retailer reveals Vice City Vita

Online retailer has inadvertently revealed four unannounced PS Vita games, the most eye-catching of which is Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights.

GTA trilogy to hit Mac App Store

IGN reports that Rockstar’s classic Grand Theft Auto III will be released on the Mac App Store today, priced at $14.99. Vice City will follow on August 25, with San Andreas arriving a week after on September 1.

Modders Remake Vice City In GTA IV Engine

Modders Remake Vice City In GTA IV Engine

Two separate teams of modders are at work on recreating Grand Theft Auto: Vice City using the Grand Theft Auto IV engine.The teams, Vice City Rage and Vice IV, are using the open-source PC GTA IV modding tools, OpenIV, to recreate the 2002 PlayStation classic’s iconic game world using 21st century physics and textures.

The Making Of: Grand Theft Auto IV


Sitting down with Rockstar Games president Sam Houser in the freshly decorated demo room of the company’s headquarters in downtown New York, we ask him how he’s doing. Just over 1,100 uninterrupted words later, he’s finished giving us an answer. Houser is, in his own words, the “loudmouth” of the Rockstar organisation, not that you’d know… Continue reading

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

This review originally appeared in E118, Christmas 2002. It was never going to live up to expectations, of course. Nothing as hyped as this ever could. But Vice City remains one of the year’s essential games if only because its developer has listened to the feedback offered by many of the million or so buyers of the previous game, and in doing so has added much to the GTA experience.