Meet Hopscotch, the iOS app teaching kids how to program

at 01:00pm June 17 2014

Turbine Truck is a small iPad game made up of very basic mechanics. Players guide a cartoon truck across a 2D plane, smashing into as many oncoming cars as possible while evading the police. It lacks complexity and isn’t necessarily a grueling test of skill, but Turbine Truck remains notable for one reason: it was…

Monument Valley creator Ustwo on App Store success and what comes next

at 11:07am May 13 2014
Monument Valley review

Many an artist has died poor. Vincent van Gogh famously attracted next to no recognition for his talents during his lifetime. Likewise, William Blake achieved little acclaim while a practising painter, printmaker and poet. And it’s true enough that visionary games developers have sometimes struggled to have their art acknowledged – Thatgamecompany traversed tremendous financial…

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft review

at 10:00am April 30 2014

Few studios could take a niche genre that inspires anything from apathy to revilement outside of its fanbase, pair it with a business model that a cadre of players finds actively offensive, and meld them into an insanely popular game. F2P card battler Hearthstone sees Blizzard do precisely that. In this underfed space, it is…

Monument Valley review

at 09:48am April 3 2014
Monument Valley review

Ustwo’s Escher-inspired monuments are impossible, the kind of architectural wonders that simply couldn’t be recreated outside a videogame. And yet they’re powered by such consistent ludic logic that the challenges they present are immediately easy to parse. The first single-screen puzzle tells you how to manoeuvre protagonist Ida – simply tap where you want her…

Still Playing: Duet – a frustrating, joyful, beautifully melodic and starkly clinical contradiction

at 03:37pm March 31 2014

Duet is a game of conflicts and contrasts. It veers between chaos and order, triumph and despair, life and death, never settling on one or the other. You must tackle the game’s endless maze of deadly blocks with calm, surgical precision — anything less brings about a speedy end. The best puzzle games tend to…

Twenty iOS games to play today

at 02:22pm March 12 2014
iOS 7

In January 2012, we suggested 50 iOS games that deserved your time. These 20 represent the progress of the past two years, and span from cult curios to the big names that spawn clones. You can read our latest in-depth report on the state of iOS gaming here. Rayman Jungle Run PastaGames, Ubisoft Of iOS’s…

How clones, fear, sanitisation and free-to-play soured Apple’s iOS gaming revolution

at 12:00pm March 12 2014

Much has changed in the two years since we called Apple “the hottest property in handheld gaming” and said that the company had “changed the videogame industry irrevocably”. Between E236 and today, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away, iPhone 5 has launched and bifurcated, Game Center’s poker-table felt has been torn off in favour…

Sensible Software co-founder Jon Hare on releasing a new mobile game into a “morass of crap”

at 05:35pm February 26 2014
Word Explorer

Sensible Software co-founder Jon Hare hates free-to-play, and despairs at the current state of the App Store. His next release is, of course, a free-to-play iOS word game. Word Explorer is the result of four years’ work, an anagram-based game set on a worldmap which opens out with every correct answer. It’s Hare’s first original…

Tengami review

at 11:16am February 20 2014
Tengami 2

Tearaway’s paper world was a DIY art project, borne of the fertile imagination of a child and executed with a clumsy-fingered charm, cut, folded and pasted by sticky hands wielding safety scissors and Pritt-Stick. Tengami, by contrast, is the work of craftsmen. Its environments have been cut with premium hobby knives, their layers meticulously assembled into…

The heartening story of Blek, the iOS game that cut through App Store cynicism with pure creativity

at 10:30am February 12 2014

Blek’s tale is a timely one. It’s a reminder that within an App Store that’s currently clouded over by cloning and shot through with cynicism that an original, well-executed idea can still carve out a niche and thrive. It is a simple, beautiful iPad puzzle game which casts you in the role of the creator,…

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