Runescape 3 launches

at 07:27pm July 22 2013
runescape 3

The first player-created event included.

Jagex on why it’s taking RuneScape back to its tabletop roots

at 02:11pm July 17 2013
runescape 3

Ahead of RuneScape 3′s release on July 22, we find out how Jagex intends to make storytelling agents of us all.

Jagex sets RuneScape 3 release date for July 22

at 02:01pm July 3 2013
Runescape 3 3

New free-to-play MMOG arriving soon.

RuneScape 3: The Sixth Age leaves its future up to its players

at 03:43pm June 24 2013

Jagex on how the switch from Java to HTML5 will “turn the perception of browser gaming on its head”.

Jagex’s Transformers Universe MMORPG puts the toy-box robots onto the battlefield

at 03:31pm December 10 2012

Right outside of Jagex’s foyer is parked a hulking black tank. At the back of the foyer – just before the entryway to a large, bright three-storey atrium – you’ll see lift doors decorated to look like those of a TARDIS and a Jules Verne submarine. Behind the reception desk, there’s a large flatscreen TV displaying a fast-paced trailer with a constantly increasing number overlaying it. Right now, it’s at over 204 million – the number of accounts that RuneScape has amassed over its nearly 11-year lifespan (though, due to a quirk of legacy registration systems, the figure’s really closer to 208 million). And opposite, above a large and voluptuously contoured purple sofa, are pictures of titanic Transformers in heroic poses.

Find game industry jobs working for Jagex, Lionhead or Criterion

at 01:27pm November 20 2012

Our weekly game industry jobs round-up highlights some of the recently advertised positions from Edge Jobs.

Jagex unveils Carnage Racing, a Facebook racer from Midnight Club veterans

at 03:35pm October 11 2012
Carnage Racing

Created by former Rockstar staff who previously worked on the Midnight Club series, Carnage Racing aims to bring core, weapons-based racing gameplay to the social network. The game will be free-to-play, with players earning experience points and game currency through races which can be exchanged for new vehicles, weaponry and other perks.

How Jagex is enlisting the Runescape community in its ongoing fight against bots

at 05:21pm September 27 2012

To someone not deeply invested in an MMOG that rewards grinding, the fuss over botting might be difficult to grasp. After all, not everybody has the time to invest hours into the busywork required to rise up through the ranks in such large-scale adventures, so where’s the harm in employing some cheap, automated labour to mine or deforest in your absence?

Jagex brings Botany Bay to Runescape, lets players pelt bots with rotten fruit

at 04:09pm September 26 2012
Botoff - Trial in Progress (1)

Runescape developer Jagex has revealed a new area of its free-to-play world, Botany Bay. But it’s not the opportunity for new adventures you might expect: Botany Bay will serve as the final destination for players caught using bots, their fate decided by fellow players.

Layoffs as Jagex shuts down year-old MMOG

at 10:08am May 29 2012

An unspecified number of staff have been laid off at Runescape developer Jagex after the Cambridge studio closed down its 8Realms MMOG barely a year after it entered beta. One source claimed the game only had drawn one tenth of the users it needed to turn a profit.

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