Nintendo prevails in DS piracy lawsuit


R4 card sellers – and resellers – to pay the price as lengthy legal battle comes to an end.

Nintendo faces lawsuit over 3D patent infringement


Inventor claims Nintendo copied his ideas after 2003 pre-patent meeting.

EA and Zynga settle The Ville legal dispute out of court


The Sims Social developer drops principled stand against cloning and is compensated in undisclosed agreement.

Spry Fox gains Yeti Town ownership following Triple Town settlement

Triple Town

Spry Fox CEO David Edery has revealed that ownership of the Yeti Town IP has been transferred to his company following an out-of-court settlement with Yeti Town developer 6waves. Spry Fox began legal proceedings against 6Waves back in February this year, claiming that it used information given to it while in negotiations to publish Triple Town on Facebook to develop its own clone, Yeti Town. 6waves subsequently denied that this was the case.

EA vs Zynga: a PR masterstroke, but EA must not settle

EA vs Zynga: a PR masterstroke, but EA must not settle

So, Electronic Arts is suing Zynga, accusing the social gaming titan of infringing its The Sims Social copyright with its new Facebook game, The Ville. The full complaint suggests EA has a solid case, but while its legal team may be confident, champagne corks must already be popping in the publisher's PR department.

Tetris case “encouraging”, but cloning not dead yet

Tetris case "encouraging", but cloning not dead yet

An app developer has been found guilty of infringing copyright in a mobile game that adhered a little too closely to the design and mechanics of Tetris.

Silicon Knights to appeal court decision

Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has revealed that his company intends to appeal yesterday's court ruling against it."We are disappointed by the outcome and we plan on appealing," he told

Activision and Infinity Ward settle out of court

Activision and Infinity Ward settle out of court

The long-running legal dispute between Activision and former Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West has been resolved – the day before the case was due in court."All parties have reached a settlement in the dispute, the terms of which are strictly confidential,” said West and Zampella's attorney, Robert Schwartz.

Silicon Knights loses Epic Games lawsuit

Silicon Knights loses Epic Games lawsuit

Epic Games has been awarded $4.45 million (£2.9m) in damages after successfully winning the lawsuit brought against it by Silicon Knights.

No Doubt vs Activision lawsuit to go to trial this year

A judge has ruled against the dismissal of the lawsuit filed against Activision in 2009 by US band No Doubt. As such, the case will go in front of a jury later this year.The members of the band alleged that while they gave the Band Hero publisher permission to use their likenesses in the game while playing their own songs, they did not wish those avatars to be available generally for other musicians' songs.