LucasArts’ Star Wars 1313 offers a glimpse of the next generation through Hollywood CG talent


The farther you descend down Coruscant’s subterranean levels, the further you get from Star Wars’ more familiar staples. On level 1313, there are no Jedi or lightsabers. The only luminous objects are a rabble of neon signs that colour the dangerous streets, and the only force used in this sprawl of iniquity is of the brute variety

E3 2012: LucasArts shows Star Wars 1313 gameplay

LucasArts' has demonstrated Star Wars 1313 gameplay at E3 2012. The game was running on a PC and appears, visually at least, significantly ahead of current generation games.Characters feature stong facial and physical animation, while the environments are suitably epic. Gameplay, however, looks decidedly less next-gen, and a lot like Uncharted with lasers.Here's the footage:[youtube:U08QNPk0ZNE]