Blurring the boundaries: Trion talks Defiance


Exclusive interview with the senior producer behind the ambitious cross-media epic on how it came about and why motorbikes are better than horses.

Guild Wars 2 tops UK chart

Guild Wars 2 is the new number one in the UK all-formats software chart, the ArenaNet MMOG bringing an end to Sleeping Dogs' two-week reign at the top. Sales of the Square Enix-published open-world brawler fell 38 per cent week on week.This, chart compiler UKIE says, is the second-biggest UK launch for an MMOG which isn't called World Of Warcraft. BioWare's Star Wars MMOG The Old Republic is the most successful.

The Art Of: Eve Online

Fire and ice: the art of Eve Online

Warping across a single star map shared by tens of thousands of fellow ‘capsuleers’ isn’t all that draws people to Eve Online. Ironically, it’s the supreme hostility of that experience, felt in every aspect of CCP’s art design, that’s made the MMOG so intriguing to outsiders and valued to its players.

DayZ to be developed as standalone game by Bohemia

DayZ, the zombie survival mod for Arma II, will now be developed as a standalone game by Bohemia Interactive.The mod, which has been available for a number of months now, has already amassed over 600,000 players and will continue to be developed in parallel with the game.

Star Wars Galaxies changes a “complete and utter fail”, says SOE president

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley has apologised for decisions made on the direction of Star Wars Galaxies, describing then as "stupid" and a "complete and utter fail".

World Of Warcraft subscriber numbers fall again

World Of Warcraft ended Activision Blizzard's fiscal quarter with 9.1 million subscribers, a drop of over a million in three months: at the end of March, 10.2 million people were paying players of the Blizzard MMOG.

The Old Republic going free-to-play

The Old Republic going free-to-play

Star Wars MMOG The Old Republic will adopt the free-to-play model this autumn, Electronic Arts has confirmed.The move, announced following the release of EA's financial results last night, is not a full switch to free-to-play; the existing subscription model will continue to run alongside it. The game will only be free until players reach the current level cap of 50 – EA said in June it would be raising it, but has yet to specify what the new limit will be.

Making DayZ: Dean “Rocket” Hall on the mod of the year

Making DayZ: Dean "Rocket" Hall on the mod of the year

Dean Hall's ArmA II mod DayZ has amassed more than 600,000 players in a matter of months, propelling Bohemia Interactive's ageing game to the summit of the Steam charts – we take a detailed look at the mod in issue 244 of Edge, out August 1.

Massively multiplayer real life

Massively multiplayer real life

Recently I’ve been immersed in the world of massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. Writing, not playing, you understand. I’ve seen and heard about people who play them. What happens to their faces and, a bit behind their faces, their minds.  Yes, I’ve seen and shuddered and kept away.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Streamlining the MMOG

The Elder Scrolls Online: Streamlining the MMOG

Rich, lore-filled questlines; a world map freckled with famous names and beloved landmarks; and an IP still basking in the glory of yet another multimillion-selling instalment for Bethesda: it says a lot about the terrifying reality of the contemporary MMOG scene that The Elder Scrolls Online sounds like a risk.