Nintendo’s E3 2014: a line-up unlikely to ‘save’ Wii U, but who cares when it’s this much fun?

nintendo e3

And now for something completely different. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Nintendo’s determination to do things its own way is its greatest asset or its greatest flaw, few will have watched Nintendo’s version of an E3 press conference without cracking a smile. The tone was set from the very beginning with an extraordinary, GIF-friendly… Continue reading

A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy

Nintendo’s Game Boy became synonymous with handheld gaming overnight. A system with interchangeable games, it could be played anywhere, combining portability, miniaturization and entertainment – three of the most important attributes of today’s emerging technology – into a single, affordable, power-light device. Not only that, but the Game Boy is arguably the most iconic piece… Continue reading

Retrospective: F-Zero GX

fzero GX

Nintendo understands gameplay – but you sometimes have to look outside the company’s R&D labs to find developers that understand Nintendo. HAL gave us Super Smash Bros’s unashamedly vibrant celebration of all things Nintendo. Intelligent Systems crafted the wryly self-referental Mario & Luigi twinset. And when Amusement Vision was tasked with updating Shigeru Miyamoto’s futuristic… Continue reading