Why do so few Kickstarter-funded games actually get released?


Tim Schafer posted a tweet announcing a Kickstarter campaign for a new adventure game in the early hours of February 8, 2012. Within nine hours, the game had met its $400,000 funding target. Within 24, it had streaked past $1 million, a signal to many of a new and fascinating dawn in the hitherto somewhat… Continue reading

State of Play 2013: Ouya falls flat, so where next for alt consoles? Valve could have the answer


Only a cynic could look at something like Ouya and not be impressed by its pluck. There it was, lacing up its tiny gloves and boots and throwing itself into the ring just as Sony and Microsoft’s heavyweight prizefighters were about to start knocking bells out of each other. The Ouya was the little console… Continue reading

The Making Of: TowerFall


Alec Holowka and Matt Thorson needed to be on a plane to San Francisco in just one hour’s time. The Vancouver-based indie devs were set to show off their game TowerFall at an IGN press mixer at the 2013 Game Developers Conference (GDC). Both knew how important it was that they make a good impression –… Continue reading

A revolution on hold – why Ouya is struggling to meet its $8.5 million promise


We reflect on the launch of a new microconsole which feels like little more than a £99 demo box.

The Amazing Frog on Ouya is, well, kind of amazing

The Amazing Frog

Our look at the oddball openworld physics playground set in Swindon.

Are indies making any money from Ouya?


We speak to the developers behind Towerfall, Red and Nimble Quest to find out.

Ouya starts Free The Games fund to match Kickstarter funding for indies


Ouya to match Kickstarter funds of up to $250,000.

Ouya release date pushed to June 25 after securing $15 million in VC funding


Microconsole launch pushed back to allow Ouya to manufacture more hardware.

Why 2013 could be the year of the microconsole


Microconsoles have the potential to disrupt the market and expose the limitations of home consoles, writes Tadhg Kelly.

Kellee Santiago joins Ouya, console due to ship this month


Thatgamecompany co-founder joins Android console company as head of developer relations.