Blade Symphony review

Blade Symphony review

Blade Symphony is about the fantasy of being a swordsman and all that comes with it: honour, skill and etiquette. If you’re responsive to those ideas to even a small degree, it is a fighting game with tremendous depth and promise. It’s a realisation of its core fantasy that’s original enough in its execution to stand… Continue reading

Among The Sleep review

Among the sleep

Having wandered the corridors of so many haunted asylums of late, encountering Among The Sleep’s fresh take on videogame horror comes as something of a relief. You spend your time moving between a surreal imagined world and a suburban house, both equally unfamiliar thanks to Krillbite Studio’s masterstroke: casting you as a two-year-old child. Appropriately, the… Continue reading

WildStar review


WildStar is comfortable being an MMOG. It’s strange that this is remarkable, and that it should be a cause for celebration when a new game in a popular genre seems happy to be what it is. But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres. WildStar… Continue reading

Grid: Autosport review


We’re in the middle of the pack on the second lap of a touring car race when something other than our shunt-happy opponents hits us: this feels like TOCA again. With its continual reinvention of cherished series, Codemasters has been nothing if not brave, but the UK studio has returned to its roots for Autosport,… Continue reading

Meet 4gency and its orbital scrapheap challenge, Habitat


An awkward attempt to manoeuvre our scrap-metal space station closer to the floating severed head of the Statue Of Liberty has ended in disaster. A passing asteroid just wrecked our port-side thruster and so now, having powered down its opposite number too late, we’re out of control, spinning in concentric circles towards a nuclear bomb. The belt of debris… Continue reading

Murdered: Soul Suspect review


We’re an alley cat, and we’re stuck in an alley. More specifically, we’re the ghost of a police detective possessing the body of a cat, but that doesn’t make the head-height fences barring our progress any less baffling. Our feline ride is only in this area to let us climb two scaffolding towers for collectibles,… Continue reading

Wolfenstein: The New Order review

Wolfenstein- The New Order

That subtitle couldn’t be more appropriate. While Wolfenstein 3D, id’s 1992 FPS, popularised a genre, the series’ subsequent history is patchy, regularly shifting from studio to studio, its soul slowly stripped away in the process. MachineGames, a Swedish outfit made up of former Starbreeze staff, staunchly refuses to contribute to that downward spiral. The New Order… Continue reading

Transistor review


No one likes to be pigeonholed. Developers, and indies especially, seem to go out of their way to avoid accusations of forever making the same thing. Yet less than a minute into Transistor, you know you’re playing a Supergiant game. This, like Bastion, is an isometric action-RPG. It, too, is easy on the eye, albeit with… Continue reading

Why there’s more to Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel than its title implies


Borderlands is an exuberant series. From the theatrical size of its characters and their gloriously ham-festooned delivery to the uncountable permutations of weaponry, there’s nothing modest about the world of Pandora. So the decision to call the third full-length game The Pre-Sequel is bewildering. ‘Pre’ is self-deprecating. It’s corollary. It’s less. Pre-Sequel, bluntly, screams stopgap…. Continue reading

Quadrilateral Cowboy: how Brendon Chung is compiling his most intricate game to date

quadilateral cowboy

You can thank Brendon Chung’s father for Quadrilateral Cowboy, the sixth full game made for release under the Blendo Games banner. A cyberpunk espionage simulation whose central mechanic involves typing code into a portable computer terminal might not suggest paternal inspiration, but Chung says his old man’s fondness for manual labour was a driving force in… Continue reading