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Can Microsoft turn things around for Xbox One? We speak to the execs in charge to find out

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at 08:56am April 8 2014
Xbox One

We talk to leaders at Microsoft to discover how the company intends to turn its console division around in the new issue of Edge magazine, published on Thursday April 10. You can subscribe now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. There’s insight from top Microsoft executives Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison plus former Microsoft employee Peter Molyneux and…

Lost: Lionhead’s Survivors

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at 04:00pm October 24 2013
Survivors 2

Every game developer has a story about a project they worked on that never quite made it. In this new series, Lost, we ask studios of all shapes and sizes about lost games that’ll never be released. Here, game development legend and 22 Cans boss Peter Molyneux tells us a little about one of Lionhead’s doomed projects,…

Peter Molyneux on Godus’ brave new world, and why it couldn’t be made at Microsoft

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at 05:23pm September 26 2013
Peter Molyneux

“They’re not going to say: ‘Ok go off and do your black cube thing.’”

EA, Wargaming and Peter Molyneux on the uncertain future of triple-A game development

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at 04:00pm September 18 2013

Are triple-A games becoming untenable? Industry experts offer their thoughts ahead of the inaugural DICE Europe.

Second Molyjam to be based on real Peter Molyneux quotes

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at 10:01am June 26 2013
Peter Molyneux

Molyjam Deux to take place July 5-7.

22cans strikes DeNA deal to release Godus

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at 09:28am May 21 2013

Peter Molyneux’s new god game to use Mobage mobile platform.

“I’ve remembered who I am”: Peter Molyneux on going indie, crowdfunding and Curiosity

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at 02:00pm May 3 2013
Out There: The magic of Molyneux

“I wouldn’t trade this for all the tea in China or all the new… Xboxes in the Xbox cupboard.”

Peter Molyneux on the next Xbox: “I don’t want another way of looking at Facebook”

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at 11:07am May 2 2013
Peter Molyneux

Forget ‘connected entertainment’, Microsoft should focus on games with its next console, says 22cans boss.

What’s Inside The Cube? Curiosity players will find out in a few days, says Peter Molyneux

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at 04:22pm May 1 2013

There are 50 layers left on the Curiosity cube so we’re likely to find out what’s inside in a few days, says 22cans boss.

Molyneux “fascinated” by free-to-play

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at 10:28am April 19 2013
Molyneux to leave Lionhead

Design guru has been waiting “years and years” for F2P gaming, targeting a “middle ground” with new game Godus.

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