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Xbox One is languishing behind PS4 – what can Microsoft do to put the Xbox brand back on top?

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at 12:49pm May 7 2014

The party, if there was one at all, was shortlived. News that UK sales of Xbox One had surged 96 per cent in the week of Titanfall’s release, with seven out of every ten consoles sold alongside Respawn’s multiplayer shooter, should have set champagne corks popping in Microsoft’s Redmond HQ. Any suggestion that this was…

Can Microsoft turn things around for Xbox One? We speak to the execs in charge to find out

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at 08:56am April 8 2014
Xbox One

We talk to leaders at Microsoft to discover how the company intends to turn its console division around in the new issue of Edge magazine, published on Thursday April 10. You can subscribe now in print, on iPad, Google Play and Zinio. There’s insight from top Microsoft executives Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison plus former Microsoft employee Peter Molyneux and…

Indies praise Xbox One self-publishing – but Microsoft must drop its launch parity policy

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at 06:09pm March 31 2014
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The ID@Xbox program is being hailed as a success by indies releasing games through the initiative, but Microsoft must revise its launch parity policy if Xbox One is to become as indie-friendly as rival PS4. During GDC Microsoft announced that that it has sent Xbox One devkits to over 250 independent studios, and it also…

From the Edge archives, October 1995: Phil Harrison on launching Sony’s PlayStation

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at 12:30pm November 25 2013
Phil Harrison 1995

Published here online for the first time, this interview with Sony’s then-communications director Phil Harrison took place at Sony PlayStation’s UK launch, in late 1995. It was published in Edge issue 26, and throws up some fascinating insights into what Sony wanted to achieve with the PlayStation project – and, prior to PS4′s European launch later…

Xbox One: ready to launch? An audience with Phil Harrison

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at 10:00am October 23 2013
Phil Harrison

It is still, eighteen months into his latest role, a little odd to find Phil Harrison at Xbox. He joined Sony before PlayStation even existed in September 1992 to start its European game publishing business, played a vital role in launching the transformative console and went on to become president of SCE Worldwide Studios. He was…

The power of the crowd: how critical and consumer feedback made Xbox One a contender again

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at 02:00pm October 21 2013
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At August’s Gamescom conference Sony Computer Entertainment’s Andrew House gloated that “while others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies and a model that is fair and in tune with consumer desires”. The line garnered some laughs, but it ignored the very real effects of Microsoft’s responses to…

Xbox’s Phil Harrison and PlayStation’s Fergal Gara on the next gen power struggle

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at 11:00am October 1 2013

Senior Xbox and PlayStation execs respond to developer claims that PS4 is the more powerful console.

From crisis to contender – Microsoft on Xbox One policy reversals and the power of the crowd

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at 10:00am September 24 2013
Xbox One white

We speak to Phil Harrison and Ken Lobb in the new issue of Edge magazine.

Phil Harrison reveals new London studio, plays down Valve’s threat and details the future of Xbox

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at 11:05am January 11 2013
Phil Harrison on the future of Xbox

It’s ten months since Microsoft hired Phil Harrison, but the one-time president of Sony Worldwide Studios had to wait until yesterday to make his public debut. During a cosy briefing in central London yesterday Harrison announced a new studio, introduced his new-look leadership team, and shared his vision for the future of Xbox. He took the time, too, to issue a stark warning to Valve ahead of the Steam maker’s entry into the hardware market.

Taking on Halo 4′s forerunners

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at 03:28pm August 16 2012
Taking on Halo 4's forerunners

Halo 4 is the videogame equivalent of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. No, it’s not a prequel, but in its scale, its desire to re-examine a vast fictional universe, and its interest in a mysterious alien race (called the Prometheans, as it happens), it has similar concerns in mind – and a comparable weight of expectation on its shoulders. The big question is this: can Halo escape the burdens of its legacy to lead the genre again?

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