PlayStation 4

Launching PS4: one year behind the scenes at PlayStation UK, from reveal to release

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at 04:50pm February 20 2014

One year ago today at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting in New York, the platform holder went public with its plans to release PS4 in time for holiday 2013. We saw the new DualShock 4 pad, next-gen games and a vision: Sony pitched the new hardware as the videogame console built by game developers and laser-targeted at…

Mark Cerny shows off Knack on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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at 06:45pm June 19 2013

Fallon gets a hands-on demo with Knack.

Don Mattrick: ‘$499 isn’t ridiculous’ for Xbox One

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at 08:24pm June 17 2013

Mattrick defends the Xbox One price tag against Sony’s much lower asking price.

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