A history of videogame hardware: Sony PlayStation


Never underestimate the force of revenge. Without it, Sony’s PlayStation would never have made it from designer Ken Kutaragi’s wild imagination into 102 million homes around the world. Neither would games have popped into 3D with the forceful brilliance facilitated by Sony’s debut without that most ancient of creative incentives: a business vendetta. At the… Continue reading

The Making Of: Die Hard Trilogy – how a team of underdogs created three movie tie-ins at once

Die Hard Trilogylead

Cars fitted with atomic bombs. Hostages in flames. Arterial spray. Die Hard Trilogy is wildly inauthentic, but exactly the game that 20th Century Fox should have expected from Probe Entertainment had it consulted the studio’s back catalogue. Since the mid-1980s the UK studio had built a reputation from its handling of movie licences and arcade… Continue reading

Confident Sony revels in PS4’s lead over Xbox One – but Vita must turn goodwill into sales

PS4 and Vita

PlayStation Vita is loved by many, but owned by relatively few. While 3DS is a very different proposition, the fact remains that in the handheld space it has outsold Sony’s handheld significantly, and with almost nonchalant ease. So this morning’s PlayStation Breakfast Briefing was an attempt to enliven Vita’s fortunes a little. While the announcements… Continue reading

From the Edge archives, October 1995: Phil Harrison on launching Sony’s PlayStation

Phil Harrison 1995

Published here online for the first time, this interview with Sony’s then-communications director Phil Harrison took place at Sony PlayStation’s UK launch, in late 1995. It was published in Edge issue 26, and throws up some fascinating insights into what Sony wanted to achieve with the PlayStation project – and, prior to PS4’s European launch later… Continue reading

The ten best consoles: our countdown of the greatest gameboxes of the last 20 years

10 consoles (story)

Our countdown of the best videogame consoles released in Edge’s 20 year lifespan.

Develop 2013: indies could inspire ‘the renaissance of gaming’ on PS4, says Cerny


Mark Cerny’s Develop In Brighton keynote outlines his platform’s indie vision.

Sony says it will show more than 40 games at E3


Beyond: Two Souls, DriveClub, and The Evil Within to be shown.

Sony execs refuse bonuses for second successive year

Report: Hirai to cut 10,000 Sony jobs

CEO Kaz Hirai’s proposes move after another disappointing year.

Minecraft on PlayStation being considered, Wii U version “very unlikely”

Minecraft review

Mojang on bringing Minecraft to mobile devices and what’s next for its breakout phenomenon.

The Making Of: Wipeout

The Making Of: Wipeout

How Pygnosis’ iconic racer brought games to a whole new audience.