Gran Turismo 6 review


Booting up Gran Turismo 6 for the first time is an uncomfortable experience. After the painfully slow day-one update download and melodramatic intro sequence, you’re immediately forced to spend 17,000 credits on a Japanese hatchback that you almost certainly don’t want and then thrust onto a track that, in the wake of Forza 5, looks… Continue reading

Time Extend: Gran Turismo


Put simply, this game was absolutely unimaginable a year before its release.” So runs the comment in our 100 Most Significant Reviews special on Gran Turismo’s ten out of ten score, and that ten has always provoked debate. Those for it agree there’s no question that The Real Driving Simulator redefined the console racing game, ripping it from its arcade roots, and set a new standard for the breadth, fidelity and flexibility of game software that would – and still does – cause ripples way beyond its genre. Those against argue that, despite its massive appeal, the almost fanatically obsessive approach it takes to its subject matter does make it an inaccessible mystery to many players; and that, unlike all the other tens, its mighty achievements have very little to do with traditionally good game design.

How Gran Turismo’s picturesque Trial Mountain drifts between fantasy and the real world


Sunlight pierces the ragged gap between two avenues of trees lining the steadily climbing road. Trial Mountain’s long back straight is a rare chance to breathe, providing relief after the twists of the track’s canyon section, a rock-walled succession of unforgiving hairpins that will punish careless corner-clipping and scanty braking. It’s also a chance to enjoy some of the few visual flourishes Gran Turismo invests in beyond its cars: shadows and reflections flickering across paintwork, and shafts of light splayed by the canopy above.

Gran Turismo 5 update released

Sony has released a free update, version 2.02, for PS3 racer Gran Turismo 5, more than a year after the game's release.The update adds the ability to change wheels on standard cars, and ten free coupons for tuning tweaks in GT Auto. Also included is the Family Upgrade, which enables the DLC released in October to be used on multiple accounts on the same console. New paid DLC is also available, with four vehicles included.

Gran Turismo 5: A brief history

Gran Turismo 5: A brief history

When Kazunori Yamauchi’s latest entry in the Gran Turismo lineage finally arrived last November, it was greeted with muted fanfare by press and players alike. After an exorbitant development period, the widespread expectation was that it would deliver both a format flagship for Sony and a genre leader for racing fans – the finished product was almost doomed to fail in both regards.