How to pitch your game to publishers

How to pitch your game to publishers

Pete Smith, an executive producer working with external studios at Sony, knows a thing or two about videogame pitches: he's sat through hundreds. His talk at last week's Develop Conference was, it seems, not only designed to help developers, but also to make his life a little easier: he opened, with welcome candour, with "I'm sick of sitting through crap pitches". What follows is a summary of his advice on how to pitch a videogame.

Nintendo made Wii U Pro Controller to secure Call Of Duty

Nintendo made Wii U Pro Controller to secure Call Of Duty

Nintendo designed the Wii U Pro Controller because Activision refused to develop a Call Of Duty game for the console using only the standard GamePad.The claim comes from Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, who made clear his disdain for Nintendo's new console at the Develop Conference in Brighton last week, saying the console simply "isn't going to work."

Persona 4: Arena is PS3’s first region-locked game

Persona 4: Arena is PS3's first region-locked game

Atlus has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 version of Arc System Works fighting game Persona 4: Arena will be region-locked. This, we believe, makes it the first PS3 game to feature any region protection since the system's launch in 2006.

Develop Conference 2012 preview

Develop Conference 2012 preview

A fixture of the summer European development calendar is the Develop Conference, the UK’s answer to GDC. This year’s event, held as ever in Brighton and to be covered in depth here on Edge Online, will again reflect the huge changes affecting the industry, particularly the way that small studios or even one-person outfits can now make a career out of developing games on their own terms.

Phil Harrison: Microsoft isn’t marginalising gamers

Phil Harrison: Microsoft isn't marginalising gamers

Microsoft executive Phil Harrison insists his new employer isn't leaving gamers behind in its bid to transform the Xbox 360 from a games console into a multimedia device, telling us he believes "gamers are going to be pretty well catered for" during the next 12 months.

E3 2012: The Last Of Us scheduled for 2013

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed that The Last Of Us won't be in gamers' hands until 2013."We are not ready to talk about 2013," Yoshida explained to VG247. "But some of the games we showed like God Of War and The Last Of Us are not coming out this year."

Sony to temporarily drop Vita price in France

Sony has announced a temporary price cut for PlayStation Vita in France, a limited offer that will take place from June 1 to July 15.Customers will be entitled to a rebate of €50 (£39.87) on console purchases during the promotion's duration. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't intend to replicate the offer in other territories.

Apple ‘not interested in traditional console business’

Apple CEO Tim Cook has poured cold water on continuing rumours that the company is plotting an entry into the console gaming market, saying he is "not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming."Speaking during the D: All Things Digital conference, Cook was asked if, following Apple's huge role in the rapid growth of mobile gaming, he wanted the company to repeat that success on big living-room screens.

How Gearbox made Half-Life a franchise

How Gearbox made Half-Life a franchise

Randy Pitchford, president of Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands developer Gearbox Software, told the audience at Nordic Game 2012 this morning how he turned Valve’s Half-Life from a single PC game into a franchise.

Activision contract confirms Bungie MMOG series ‘Destiny’

Activision contract confirms Bungie MMOG series 'Destiny'

A 27-page, four game contract between Activision and Bungie has been revealed in full as part of the ongoing legal dispute between the Call Of Duty publisher and Infinity Ward's co-founders.