The Cave Review


Plundering the depths of The Cave’s magical talking grotto is like taking a tour of Ron Gilbert’s brain. There’s the comedy monkey chasing a banana. There’s the hermit turned mad by years trapped alone on a deserted island. There’s a New Grog vending machine. It seems inevitable that, deep inside, there’s also an old-fashioned adventure game hiding within the modern, puzzle-platformer clothing.

Out There: Don’t argue with Steve Jobs

Out There: Don't argue with Steve Jobs

"My advice to God: Don't argue with Steve Jobs." Monkey Island maker Ron Gilbert remembers meeting Steve Jobs at Pixar and arguing over whether games can tell stories.Its design might harken straight back to Id's days of yore, but you knew that Rage would pile in the Doom Easter eggs. Sure enough, as well as the Doom marine bobbleheads, there's this, too.[youtube:ZNqFmNUJK0c]