Region Specific profile: Rovio

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at 11:30am April 4 2014

Finland’s biggest videogame company spent much of 2013 broadening its reach. Its Angry Birds Toons animated series, launched in March 2013, has already garnered over a billion views. A range of Telepods based on the company’s games furthered its move into licensing, as did the announcement of an Angry Birds film. The studio kept its…

Two billion downloads? We’re just getting started, says Angry Birds creator Rovio

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at 04:00pm January 23 2014
Angry Birds

Rovio staff stick out from the crowd at industry events, and it’s not just because they all wear those bright red Angry Birds hoodies. It’s because the Finnish firm represents ‘the one per cent’ in mobile – while most indies struggle to make ends meet, Rovio is one of the most solvent game creators on…

The Making Of: Angry Birds

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at 12:29pm July 28 2013
Angry Birds

How Rovio turned childhood sketches into a global success story.

Angry Birds Star Wars II introduces Skylanders-style Telepods

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at 02:41pm July 15 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars II

Rovio teams with Hasbro for its next release on September 19.

Angry Birds Trilogy set for Wii and Wii U in August

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at 03:53pm June 27 2013

Activision to publish Rovio trio on Nintendo home consoles for the first time.

Rovio Stars: Angry Birds’ creator turns mobile publisher

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at 10:59am June 21 2013
Kalle Kaivola

Director of development Kalle Kaivola explains Rovio’s new publishing initiative.

Rovio’s new Stars label publishes its first game, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage

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at 05:54pm June 20 2013

New iOS release is developed by UK studio Nitrome.

Why I ditched DICE for Rovio, and what that says about the future of mobile game development

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at 03:49pm May 23 2013

Rovio creative director Patrick Liu explains why he’s traded blockbuster games development for Rovio’s broader brand of entertainment.

Game Industry Jobs: Vacancies at Crytek, Rovio, Microsoft, and more

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at 11:48am April 26 2013

This week’s most promising new opportunities in the game development business.

Game industry jobs: New openings at Goodgame, Crytek and Microsoft

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at 03:43pm April 12 2013

This week’s top new vacancies on the Edge jobs board in one place.

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