I’m bored with America – let’s blow up Sweden


I don’t know about everyone else in the world – it’s a lot of people, more than I felt was reasonable to canvas for this article – but I’ve worn my virtual soles out with America in video games. I’ve fought Russians in the White House, sniped people on the roof of the Stock Exchange,… Continue reading

The Making Of: Sleeping Dogs


How United Front Games’ open-world homage to the Hong Kong action flick survived cancellation and came back stronger for it.

Sleeping Dogs back on top of UK chart


Sleeping Dogs, the Square Enix-published open-world brawler, is once again number one in the UK all-formats software chart.

United Front’s game was number one for two weeks until it was knocked into second place by Guild Wars 2 last week. ArenaNet’s MMORPG falls five places to number six in its second week on shelves.

Sleeping Dogs holds UK top spot

Sleeping Dogs is number one in the UK all-formats software chart for a second week, providing further vindication for Square Enix's decision to pick up the publishing rights to a game Activision had cancelled.The continued success of United Front's open-world brawler means THQ's Darksiders II can only enter the chart at number two. Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron is the top ten's sole other new entry, making its debut at five.

Sleeping Dogs tops UK chart

Sleeping Dogs is the new number one in the UK all-formats software chart, with sales of United Front Games' Hong Kong crime caper providing vindication for Square Enix's decision to publish a game Activision had cancelled.

Sleeping Dogs review

Sleeping Dogs review

According to cinema, being an undercover cop is invariably rough work. Law enforcers masquerading as crooks, we’re repeatedly told, are forced to question their loyalties and pick sides. Developing an open-world action game also poses a question of allegiance: should developers serve their narrative, or player autonomy within a big-budget sandbox?