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Something about Japan: No next-gen hardware in Japan means the holiday is Nintendo’s to lose

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at 02:00pm November 14 2013
mario 3d u

Lucky old Nintendo. By delaying the launch of PS4 in Japan, Sony has given the Wii U pretty much an uncontested run of the home-console sales this holiday season. (Xbox One was unlikely to be a contender in Japan even if it was coming this year, which it isn’t.) And with brand new Mario and…

Something About Japan: why PS4 isn’t a Japanese console and Vita TV could be a stroke of genius

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at 06:19pm September 10 2013

Our Japan correspondent takes a look at how this week’s announcement have been received in Sony’s homeland.

Something About Japan: Kyoto’s indie conference BitSummit returns for 2014

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at 12:00pm September 3 2013
BitSummit II

What to expect from the second gathering of Japan’s finest indie talent, confirmed to take place in March 2014.

Something About Japan: a tribute to legendary retro arcade Shibuya Kaikan Monaco

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at 06:00pm August 19 2013
Shibuya Kaikan Monaco

Our reporter in Japan laments the closure of one of Japan’s oldest game centres.

Something About Japan: Shinji Mikami on next gen development and the return of survival horror

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at 04:00pm August 3 2013
The Evil Within 10

The Evil Within director speaks to 4Gamer about the power of PlayStation and reviving real survival horror.

Something About Japan: Capcom on the return of Phoenix Wright

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at 02:18pm July 27 2013
Phoenix Wright sits down with Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies producer Motohide Eshiro and scenario director Takeshi Yamazaki.

Something About Japan: meet Evo 2013′s winners

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at 03:00pm July 20 2013
Evo 2013

This week, speaks to the champions crowned at the Evolution Championship Series 2013.

Something About Japan: introducing JCG, Japan’s new e-sports business

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at 03:00pm July 13 2013

In this week’s Japan column, a interview reveals how its e-sports scene is taking off.

Something About Japan: Microsoft’s Xbox One gameplan

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at 03:00pm July 6 2013
Xbox One pad 2

This week, Microsoft Japan’s executives get a grilling over Xbox One’s launch in Japan.

Something About Japan: Naoki Yoshida on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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at 03:00pm June 29 2013
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn

This week, Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida speaks to Famitsu about the power of PS4 and ensuring his next MMOG appeals to game players globally.

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