Murdered: Soul Suspect review


We’re an alley cat, and we’re stuck in an alley. More specifically, we’re the ghost of a police detective possessing the body of a cat, but that doesn’t make the head-height fences barring our progress any less baffling. Our feline ride is only in this area to let us climb two scaffolding towers for collectibles,… Continue reading

Legacy Of Kain’s PvP spinoff Nosgoth pits vampires against humans


Nosgoth is the multiplayer portion of a cancelled Legacy Of Kain sequel, spun out on its own and repackaged as a PC-exclusive thirdperson PvP shooter. It’s free-to-play, and being developed by Psyonix, the studio responsible for the multiplayer components of Bulletstorm, Homefront and Mass Effect 3, as well as introducing Unreal Tournament’s much-vaunted Onslaught mode…. Continue reading

Hitman Go review

Hitman Go review

Hitman has always been a puzzle game. Each hit is an elaborate conundrum which requires the player to consider their strategy, spot patterns, think on their feet and react calmly under pressure. As such, this mobile spin-off isn’t as major a departure as it first appears. Mechanically speaking, Hitman Go might be quite different from… Continue reading

Airtight’s noir detective story Murdered: Soul Suspect plays the dead card with a vengeance


Square Enix’s Yosuke Shiokawa, director of Dissidia Final Fantasy, approached Airtight Games with his latest idea after a period of great consideration. It began when he was watching Die Hard and an unbidden muse struck. What if John McClane had died right at the start of the movie? What if he became a ghost? What… Continue reading

Thief review

Thief review

Late on in Thief’s campaign, we find ourselves escaping a burning, building-lined bridge. It’s a well-directed sequence that shows off both the game’s beautifully rendered world and its free-flowing Assassin’s Creed-style parkour. Halfway across, however, we must squeeze through a tight gap between fallen masonry, lifting a beam out of the way as we trace… Continue reading

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII review


Saviour or sinner? It’s the question at the core of Lightning Returns, which brings to an end the divisive XIII trilogy, and is as relevant to the game itself as to its rose-haired heroine. Square Enix’s trailblazing brand of JRPG visibly lost its way during the previous generation of hardware. There was the rocky launch… Continue reading

Still Playing: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition – or more accurately, last year’s Lara remastered

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

Definitive’s a horrible word. It’s a blustery, ugly claim, I think, with a certain arrogance to it that proclaims some impossible, absolute authority. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it used in a game’s title, and I like it even less in this context: it’s a tacit admission that the original release of… Continue reading

Final Fantasy’s overseer Yoshinori Kitase on defining the Japanese RPG

Yoshinori Kitase

Over the past decade, many of Square Enix’s best-known designers have left the company – and none more high profile than Hironobu Sakaguchi. He joined Square in 1983 as a part-time designer, going on to become its director of planning and development, and ultimately its US president. Yoshinori Kitase, one of Sakaguchi’s protégées, is among… Continue reading

Bravely Default review

Bravely Default

That Square Enix should choose to release a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy spinoff The 4 Heroes Of Light with a title as unwieldy as Bravely Default says much for how far the publisher’s biggest star has fallen. Presumably the intent was to avoid this new JRPG – from 3D Dot Game Heroes creator Silicon… Continue reading

Why Square Enix is inviting indies to explore its vault of intellectual property

Kane & Lynch

Square Enix has a back catalogue of inestimable worth. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex are still in active development, but it owns precious series as old as gaming itself. So why would it unlock those vaults and allow upstart videogame studios to help themselves to its valuables, not least when the company… Continue reading