State of Play 2013: Ouya falls flat, so where next for alt consoles? Valve could have the answer


Only a cynic could look at something like Ouya and not be impressed by its pluck. There it was, lacing up its tiny gloves and boots and throwing itself into the ring just as Sony and Microsoft’s heavyweight prizefighters were about to start knocking bells out of each other. The Ouya was the little console… Continue reading

Ninja Theory’s Antoniades: Xbox One is “completely the wrong direction”, mobile is the future


UPDATE: Ninja Theory has given us the below statement to clarify Tameem Antionades’ comments in Helsinki last week: “Although we’re very excited by mobile opportunities, and the release of our first mobile title Fightback, we are not transitioning to a mobile only studio. We are currently developing for both mobile and console platforms and intend to… Continue reading

With Ouya, GameStick, Steam Box and more, will 2013 be the year of the ‘microconsole’?


The year is barely a week old, and yet already something momentous has happened. While many of us are expecting it to be the year when Microsoft and Sony bring out new machines and try to get their platform stories moving toward perihelion, it seems that other companies were thinking differently. We already knew about the Ouya, of course, and the rumours about Valve making a dedicated machine for Steam have been circulating for a while.

Gabe Newell confirms Linux-based Steam Box, reveals Valve’s controller and mobile plans

Steam Box prototype

Valve boss Gabe Newell has confirmed that the Steam-optimised mini PC announced at CES earlier this week is not the Steam Box. The company plans to release its own Linux-based PC, designed for the living room but capable of serving content to any screen in the house. Newell also shed some light on Valve’s plans for controllers, as well as an entry into the mobile market.

Valve confirms Steam Box, “living-room friendly” PC hardware coming next year


Gabe Newell has confirmed rumours that Valve is working on “living-room friendly” PC hardware and that will go toe-to-toe with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. While commonly referred to as the Steam Box, that name may actually refer to the software that will run on such hardware – as we reported in July. The device in question will be a “very controlled” PC for the living room, Newell told Kotaku, but he believes other manufacturers will produce competing hardware designed to take advantage of Valve’s recently launched Big Picture mode.